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Single Video Export

What it Video Export?

DW Spectrum supports video export in four formats: .avi, .mkv,, .mp4  and .exe

Exporting either a .mkv , .avi or .mp4 file will produce a video file that will need an external player to be viewed.

Exporting an .exe format will encapsulate the exporting video file in a portable executable which includes a light version of the DW Spectrum Client and that can be played on any Windows computer.

To Export a Single Video Clip:

  • Select the camera and navigate to the event you would like to export.
  • While hovering your mouse over the timeline right click and choose Mark Selection Start to mark the beginning of the video you would like to export.
  • Then choose the end of the time frame you would like to export and right click again and select Mark Selection End.
  • Alternatively, you can click with your mouse and drag to select the time you want to export.
  • Right click the newly selected area (now highlighted blue) and select Export Video.

  • As prompted, enter the filename and choose the location you would like to export the file to, as well as the media format and timestamp location.

  • Click Export.

  • You will see the exported file in the Local folder, and you can directly drag the file into main screen to play the video.


See: Export Bookmark from Timeline

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