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What Internet traffic will DW Spectrum System generate?

What is the question?

As a general rule Internet-connected DW Spectrum Systems will generate web traffic if any one of a System's Servers has Internet access. In the following, we will introduce the traffic detail and its purpose of a DW Spectrum system.

What DW Spectrum Services generate Web Traffic?

1. Public IP Address Fetching

  • In order to maintain Internet connectivity, any DW Spectrum Server behind a NAT needs to be assigned a Public IP address. DW Spectrum' Server uses a web service to determine its own Public IP address. This happens approximately once every two minutes.

2. Time Synchronization

  • In order to synchronize System time effectively, any DW Spectrum Server with an active Internet connection will reach out to the DW Time Server (a non-public, DW-hosted time server) to synchronize time. This happens approximately once every hour.

3. Anonymous Usage and Crash Statistics

  • Systems that do not disable Anonymous Usage and Crash Statistics will report back to DW analytics servers once a month. This happens once per month.

4. DW Cloud

  • Systems that are connected to DW Cloud will generate a significant amount of traffic, including:
    • Keep-alive Messages (to sustain connectivity between the cloud and your system)
    • Adding New Users or Modifying Existing Users
    • User connections, streaming to remote clients (Desktop, Mobile, Web, Cloud), etc.

How do I block all unwanted outbound traffic on a DW Spectrum System?

You should contact your IT Department or network administrator to help. 
They can assist you to disable the connections to the Internet or create strict firewall policies to ban all the connection inbound and outbound. 

In general, if you don't want DW to have any Internet traffic, you can suggest them that block all outbound traffic from the TCP Port (typically 7001) of your DW Spectrum Servers, then you will have internal traffic only.(Intranet). 

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  • 17-Mar-2019