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Custom CameraID (Logical ID)

Affected Roles: System Owner • System Administrator • Developer
Related DW Spectrum VMS Apps: DW Spectrum Desktop • DW Spectrum Server • DW Spectrum Server API
Difficulty: Medium
Introduced: v3.2

What is a Logical ID?

The DW Spectrum server API provides a mapping that lets you assign a 1 to 3 digit Logical ID that can be used instead of the much longer Camera Id displayed in Camera Settings -> Advanced.

The Logical ID simplifies device identification when integrating with third-party systems, and is necessary in environments with input devices that are not capable of entering the full camera ID. The Logical ID can be used in API calls (including getting RTSP streams etc) to address cameras.

To assign a Logical ID:

  1. Open the context menu for a camera and go to Camera Settings -> Expert.
  2. Enter a number in the Logical Id field.

If you are integrating with a system that is already using 1 to 3 digit identifiers, use the Generate button to discover and display the smallest number that is not already in use.

To remove a Logical ID:

Press the Reset button. This sets the Logical ID to zero, which the API equates to having no Logical ID.

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  • 02-Apr-2019