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Setting Reserved Space

Setting Reserved Space for DW Media

Affected Roles: All Users
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: DW Spectrum
Complexity: Medium

Software Version:  v2.5 and higher

Firmware Version: v2.5 and higher

Date Created: 9.25.19


Archives, Storage Drives, and Reserved Space

Video from cameras are always recorded to the server to which the camera is connected.

The recorded video is referred to as an ArchiveThese archives are typically divided between the multiple hard drives (referred to as Storage Drives) to improve reliability and to share the workload between the HDDs.

By default, the server is not able to use all of the free space on a storage drive at first, and is initially limited to only a small portion of available space (typically 5 GB) to write the archive.

This space is referred to as Reserved Space

The archives will typically share space on the storage drives with the operating system and other various files, so there is a limited amount of reserved space that can be used on each drive.

Using your server's web client , you can increase the reserved space for the archives, increasing the overall storage capacity for footage and archive retention time.

Supported Devices: BlackJack NVRs and Custom Servers

How to Set Reserved Space:

Setting the reserved space is typically best performed at the server itself, but this can also be done from a workstation if it is on the same network as the server.

1) Confirm that the storage drives are toggled ON in Spectrum. You can do so by logging in as an administrator and checking the Storage Management menu in the Server Settings menu.

2) Connect with the server's web client.

  • If you are performing this setup on the server itself, you can enter "" in a browser to invoke the web client. 
  • If you are performing this setup from a workstation , you can use the IP address of the server instead. Enter "<serveripaddress>:7001" in a browser to invoke the web client. 

NOTE: If your server's default port number (7001 by default) has been changed to a different value, specify that port number in the address bar instead.

3) Add "advanced" to the end of the address in the browser and log in to your server.

The login for the web client will be the same administrator credentials that you use to log into the Spectrum Client for your server (default is admin/admin1234).

4) Once logged in, you will be able to configure the reserved space settings for each storage drive, save your changes, and enjoy the results of expanding the reserved space for your server.

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