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Time Synchronization

What is Time Synchronization?

Time Synchronization is an important function in an IP Video Management System. Even when initially set accurately, the clocks might still differ after some amount of time due to clock drift, caused by clocks counting time at slightly different rates. 

In Spectrum, we provide the function of Time Synchronization. It aims to coordinate independent clocks in different Spectrum systems and make sure that all the system timestamps are the same.

How does Spectrum synchronize time?

  • Online Time Synchronization
    • The default method in all Systems with an Active Internet connection.
  • Offline / Local Time Synchronization
    • The default method in all Systems with no Internet connection.
    • Optional for Internet-connected Systems.

How to configure the time settings in Spectrum?

  1. Navigate to Main Menu button and select System Administration
  2. In the System Administration Dialog choose the Time Synchronization tab.
  3. If you would like to use the Default method then change nothing.
  4. If you would like to use a local Server for Time Synchronization make sure the Sync Time with Internet box is unchecked.

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  • 17-Sep-2019