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CMS Software Crashes

CMS Software Crashes


Affected Roles:  Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  Pivot CMS, C3CMS

Complexity:  Low to Medium

Last Edit:  October 17, 2022


Software Issues

When monitoring the camera video of your standalone recording unit from a computer, it is recommended to use a viewing application for added convenience.  However, if you are experiencing software crashes when using either Pivot CMS or the C3CMS program and have double-checked your site settings for any typos, some troubleshooting may be required.

This article will outline troubleshooting methods for resolving CMS software crashes.

Update Viewing Software

A common cause of software crashes is outdated firmware.  If your viewing software or recording unit is using an outdated version, some communication may still occur, but is unlikely to go without experiencing some issues.

Check that you are using the latest version of your viewing software by comparing the version currently being used to the published version that is posted in the DW Resource Library.

To check the current version of C3 CMS:

  1. Click on the About icon (?).
  2. Take note of the currently installed version.  The displaying window will notify you a new version is available for download and installation.

  1. Click the Update button to prompt the system to download and install the new software version.

To check the current version of Pivot CMS:

  1. Right-click in the Sites List of Pivot CMS.
  2. At the bottom of the context menu, identify the currently installed version under Ver. x,x,x,x (e.g. Ver.1,1,1,1).

  1. Compare the currently installed version to the published version on the Pivot CMS Details web page.

Update Recording Unit

Check that you are using the latest firmware version for your recording unit.

To check the recording unit’s currently installed firmware version:

  1. Log in at the recording unit as the admin user.
  1. Right-click with your mouse, then select Menu (some models refer to this as Setup Menu).
  1. Select System, then select System Information.

The currently installed firmware build will appear under Version.

For more information for upgrading your recording unit’s firmware, use one of the articles below:

Check Compatibility

Before installing any viewing applications to your computer, it is a good idea to ensure that the software will be compatible with your recording unit.

Check the compatibility table from Application Compatibility List to confirm that you are using the correct software for your DVR or NVR.

Test with A Demo Site

If you are experiencing software issues only when connecting to your recording unit, and not when initially launching the application, connect with a demo site to confirm if the issue only occurs with your unit.

Digital Watchdog offers demo sites for you to sample our collection of recording units.

  1. Open a web browser and select the Demo Site that best represents your recording model.
  1. Use the provided IP Address, Ports, and User Login to create a demo site in your viewing application.

  1. If the issue persists when connecting with the demo site, it is possible that the issue is isolated to your computer or your network.

If the issue does not persist with the demo site, make sure that your recording unit’s firmware is up to date, power-cycle your DVR, or delete and create your site again.

Check System Compatibility

If your recording unit is operating normally, separate from the issues with your viewing software, it is possible that you are experiencing a client-side issue.

Make sure that you are not overloading your system by running unnecessary applications in the background of your computer.

  1. Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for running the software.

This information is located under the System Requirements tab of the software’s product page.

  1. If your computer meets the minimum System Requirements of the software, check that your computer’s processor is not being overloaded.

Open the Task Manager on your computer and inspect the overall performance of your computer.  You can open or close the viewing application to see how it affects your computer’s processes.

**NOTE:  If your CPU usage is reaching 98% - 100%, you may be overloading your computer and may want to consider using a computer with better processing hardware.  Close all unnecessary applications to improve performance.

**NOTE:  Some software conflicts may also be caused due to antivirus software.  If you believe that your computer’s antivirus software may be preventing the CMS program from running, check the virus and threat protection settings to check the program permissions.

Use Basic Display (C3CMS)

The C3CMS viewing application features the option to change the display quality of the software.

If you are using a computer without an external graphics card, it is recommended to change the Display setting to Basic Display to improve performance.

  1. Launch the C3CMS program.
  1. Click on the Settings (gear icon) menu.

  1. Under the Application tab, enable the Basic Display setting.

Clean Reinstall

If you are experiencing a client-side issue and have used the above troubleshooting recommendations, you may want to consider performing a clean reinstallation of the viewing application.  This process will completely remove the viewing application from your computer, which will need to be reinstalled to create your viewing site again.

For more information for clean reinstalling, use one of the articles below:

If issues persist, please contact Digital Watchdog Technical Support for further assistance.

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  • 17-Oct-2022