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Clean Reinstalling C3 CMS (Windows)

Clean Reinstallation of C3™ CMS (Windows)


Affected Roles:  Admin, Owner

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Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  March 21, 2022


Clean Reinstallation

By completely uninstalling, then reinstalling the C3 CMS desktop software, users can resolve most client-side issues and can create a new admin login for the C3 CMS program.

This article will outline how to uninstall C3 CMS, as well as how to reinstall the C3 CMS software.

**NOTE:  Please be aware that by completing a clean reinstallation of the C3 CMS software, site information will be deleted.  You will need to know the connection information (IP address, DDNS, PathFinder, etc.) of your recording unit to configure and reestablish a connection with the recording unit. You can find this information within the Network settings of the recording unit.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • VMAX® A1 Series (2.1 MP)
  • VMAX® A1 Plus Series (5 MP)
  • VMAX® IP Plus Series

Clean Reinstallation of C3™ CMS

When normally uninstalling programs from a computer, there is often data left behind regarding user preferences, settings, and other database information even after removing the program and its executable files. These program files will remain present as “orphan files” and can often reintegrate with the parent application (in this case, C3 CMS) upon reinstallation, essentially prevent any intended changes from taking effect during the reinstallation process.

This section will outline how to completely remove C3 CMS and the MariaDB programs from the computer for a clean reinstallation.

Uninstalling C3™ CMS

  1. Prompt the uninstallation of C3 CMS by opening Programs and Features tool in the Windows Control Panel.

Select C3 CMS from the program list, then select Uninstall.

  1. Select “Yes” for the removal of the configuration files.

The wizard will inform you once the uninstallation has been completed.

Uninstalling the MariaDB

  1. Locate and select MariaDB from the program list, then select Uninstall.

The Maria DB Setup Wizard will display.

  1. Using the MariaDB Setup Wizard, click Next.

Select Remove, then select Remove data.

  1. Click the Remove button to begin the uninstallation.

The wizard will inform you once the uninstallation has been completed.

Installing C3™ CMS

This section will outline how to install the C3 CMS program for the first time or after performing a clean uninstallation of the application.

  1. To download the installation file for the C3 CMS software, open a web browser and go to the C3 CMS product page, located on the Digital Watchdog website.

Scroll down and click on the Software tab.

Click the Download icon to acquire the installation file for C3 CMS.

  1. Run the C3 CMS installation file.

This file is likely located in the Downloads folder of your computer.

  1. In the Select Setup Language screen, select your preferred language, then click OK.
  1. Click Next, then select the Destination Location for the configuration files.

By default, the folder destination is C:\Program_Files\C3 CMS

Accept the file location or select Browse to select another location.

Click Next to proceed.

  1. Select the Components to include with the installation, then click Next.

**NOTE:  The C3EventServer agent will allow users to view system reports from C3 CMS.  It is recommended to include this with the installation.

  1. The Select Start Menu Folder screen will display.

Accept the shortcut location or select Browse to select another location.

Click Next to proceed.

  1. The Additional Tasks screen will display.

To include desktop shortcuts for C3 CMS and the Event Server, check the boxes, then click Next.

  1. A summary of the installation will display.

Click Install to proceed.

  1. The Microsoft Visual C++ screen will display.

Click in the I agree to the license terms and conditions checkbox, then click Install.

The wizard will inform you once the installation is complete.

Applying Administrator Password

If you would like to add an Administrator password for the C3 CMS login, please read Adding User Passwords In C3 CMS.

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