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Integrating with DW Spectrum

Integrating with DW Spectrum 


DW Spectrum is an Open Architecture video platform. The platform includes a REST API (Overview) and a whole suite of development tools in the web client of every instance of the DW Spectrum Server. 

Using the Server API developers have the ability to access nearly every feature available in the system's thick client, including - but not limited to - the ability to query/manage system resources (servers, cameras, users), manage users and permissions, pull live or recorded video out of the system, generate events, create rules, control PTZ cameras, and more.


One of the most effective methods of integrating with DW Spectrum is thru the use of Generic Events.  Properly formatted,  information sent to DW Spectrum as a Generic Event can take advantage of DW Spectrum's robust rules engine to perform a number of actions including: 

  • PTZ Preset as an Action 
  • Device Output 
  • Device Recording 
  • Panic Recording 
  • Play Sound 
  • Repeat Sound 
  • Send Email 
  • Show Notification 
  • Show Text Overlay
  • Speak 
  • Write to Log

See the Generic Event Generator in the development tools  for help in building properly formatted HTTP calls to DW Spectrum.


Another event within DW Spectrum rules engine that is very effective when integrating is the Soft Trigger, a button overlay in the lower right corner of the video window.  A soft trigger allows users  with sufficient privileges the ability to click the button to initiate specified actions. When combines with the  the HTTP Request as Action function integrations have the ability to become two way. 


Generic Events, Soft Triggers and HTTP Request as Action allow developers too quickly and easily create powerful integrations with DW Spectrum, while maintaining DW Spectrum as the primary video interface for the user. If your integration  has a video player, where you want to display video managed by DW Spectrum please refer to the Server API documentation in the  in the development tools



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