Where can I find the DW Spectrum SDK/API?

The Developer Tools for DW Spectrum can be accessed directly from the DW Spectrum Media Server in the Web Admin interface. If you have downloaded DW Spectrum Server and are running it locally, check out the "For Developers" tab in the web client. 

http://<SERVER IP>:7001/static/index.html#/developers

Below are the current SDK and API's available and what they do.

Server API

The Server API provides a standard set of API calls for 3rd party systems. Using the Server API developers have the ability to access nearly every feature available in the system's thick client, including - but not limited to - the ability to query/manage system resources (servers, cameras, users), manage users and permissions, pull live or recorded video out of the system, generate events, create rules, control PTZ cameras, and more.

Get the Server API 

Username: demo
Password: demo1234 

Generic Events Generator

A Generic Event is a method of sending events from 3rd party systems to a System, which can be used to trigger System actions in the Events & Rules engine. The Generic Event Generator is a tool which helps build HTTP Generic Event calls.

Get the Generic Events Generator

Username: demo
Password: demo1234 

Video Source SDK

The Video Source Integration SDK enables easy integration of any video source (live or archived) into the system. With the SDK it's possible to create a method for discovering, displaying, analyzing, and recording video from virtually any live or recorded video source - IP Cameras, encoders, NVR's, DVR's, and more. It also allows for the integration of device I/O's (inputs & outputs) and motion detection metadata.

Get the Video Source SDK

Username: demo
Password: demo1234

Storage SDK

The Storage SDK enables easy integration of any potential storage.Using the Storage SDK developers can read from or write to any storage location - locally available, remote storage, and even cloud servers. Creating a storage plugin requires implementing standard functions such as I/O stream, if file exist, delete file, list of files in the folder, etc. The Storage SDK also contains an example for using an FTP server as a storage location.

Get the Storage SDK 

Username: demo
Password: demo1234

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