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HTTP Request-as-an-Action

What is HTTP Request-as-an-Action?

HTTP Request-as-an-Action is a feature of DW Spectrum that allows users to create a rule that sends an HTTP POST or GET request over the network to a targeted service or device. This allows DW Spectrum to send alerts to 3rd party systems or devices, which can then be used in those devices or systems to trigger additional actions.

How to use HTTP Request as-an-action:

  • Navigate to the Alarm/Event Rules Dialog.
  • Click the Add button to create a new rule.
  • Configure your rule as you normally would for your targeted Event or Device.
  • In the Action column select Do HTTP request.
  • Click the Advanced Button on the right top of the Alarm/Event Rules Dialog.
  • Choose your Interval of Action.
  • In HTTP URL enter the listen endpoint for the request.
  • In Login and Password enter any credentials you may need for authenticating with the device or service you are sending the HTTP Request to. Supports Basic and Digest authentication.
  • In HTTP Content enter the body of the POST request.

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