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How to create a Bookmark Action

What is a Bookmark?

A Bookmark in DW Spectrum is a method of highlighting a segment of video for later recall. 

Bookmarks always have the following information:

  • Start/End Time
  • Name
  • Description
  • Tags

Bookmarks can be created manually in the Desktop Client or can be generated as an Action in the Events & Rules engine.

To Manually Create a Bookmark:

  • Right click on the Timeline and highlight the video segment you would like to Bookmark.
  • Choose Add Bookmark
  • Input the name, description, and tags for the bookmark.
  • Press enter.

To Generate Bookmarks via Rules:

  • Set up a rule for the target camera or device which will be used to trigger the Bookmark.
  • Make sure to choose the Duration of the Bookmark and to add tags for fast search later.

To View & Search Bookmarks

  • Search - press CTRL + B to see a full list of Bookmarks in the System and search by keyword.
  • View - press the Bookmark icon in the lower right-hand side of the Timeline. Bookmarks will be highlighted blue on the timeline.

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