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PTZ Preset As-An-Action

PTZ Preset As-An-Action

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PTZ Preset as-an-Action is a function that allows users to trigger the movement of a PTZ camera to a PTZ Preset from any System Events (e.g. motion detection, input triggered). 

To use PTZ Preset as-an-Action:

  • Make sure you have the proper PTZ Preset defined in your System
  • Right click the PTZ camera in the resource panel and then choose Camera Rules
  • Create a new rule
  • Select an event and related source camera(s)
  • In Action column, choose Execute PTZ Preset
  • Choose the targeted PTZ camera(s)
  • Click the Advanced button on the right-top
  • Configure the interval of action and preset
  • Click Apply and OK
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  • 04-Nov-2019