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Assigning A Static Address To An Individual IP Camera

Assigning A Static Address To An Individual IP Camera


Affected Roles:  Owner, Administrators

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum, IP Finder

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  April 2, 2020


Assigning IP Addresses

If a new camera has been added to the network, but you are unable to stream video or record through the DW Spectrum Server, the camera may still need to be assigned to an IP address so that it is reachable over the Local Area Network (LAN).

This article will outline how to manually assign an IP address to cameras using a web browser.

Note:  If you must assign multiple cameras to IP addresses, you can use the Bulk Assignment feature of the IP Finder program to identify and assign cameras to a series of IP addresses.  IP Finder is only compatible with Windows OS.

Please read Using IP Finder For Bulk IP Assignment.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DW MEGApix Camera Series
  • DW Blackjack Series

What is an IP Address?

An IP Address is a series of numbers used by computer systems and network devices to identify and connect with each other using a set of governing rules called “Internet Protocol” (IP).

Each device on the network should have its own, unique IP address to identify with other devices on the network.

Manually Assigning IP Address

  1. If you already know the camera’s IP Address, open a web browser on a local computer to connect with the camera’s Web Viewer.

If you do not know the camera’s IP Address, IP Finder can be used to scan the network for connected cameras.

Note:  By default, most DW cameras use DHCP and start with an IP Address of  Please see the product manual for complete setup information.

  1. Enter the camera's IP address into the address bar.

If the camera has been assigned a port value of anything other than 80, you will also need to specify the port value in the address bar.


Camera IP:

Port:  8245

Example URL for connecting from a browser:

If the address is entered correctly and the camera is communicating over the LAN, the camera's Web Viewer will display.

  1. When initially connecting, you are prompted with a camera login pop-up. 

If you have not yet set up a new Username and Password using DW IP Finder, use:

Default Username:  admin

Default Password:  admin

Note:  DW cameras now require a password assignment when connecting for the first time.  Please read Assigning Passwords to MEGApix Cameras for reference.

  1. After logging in to the camera's web client, click on the Setup button, then navigate to Network > Network Settings.

Set the camera’s IP Address to a Static Network Type and assign it an IP Address that is unclaimed by any other devices on the camera network.

Enter the correct Gateway for the camera's network.

Click on the Apply or Save button to apply the setting changes.


Camera IP Address:


Ports:  80, 443, and 554

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