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01/02/2022 - Release Notes - C3 CMS Software Update v1.1.4.77                                                                         DW Technical Bulletin

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  January 2, 2022

Re:  C3™ CMS v1.1.4.77 Software Update

C3™ CMS Software Update v1.1.4.77

New Firmware Version:  C3 CMS v1.1.4.77

Previous Firmware Version:  C3 CMS v1.1.4.76

Release Date:  January 2, 2022

New Features

C3 CMS Desktop Client

  • Added Pathfinder (P2P) connection support; can now use a P2P ID instead of an IP address or DDNS when registering devices
    • Supports live viewing, playback, AVI stream backup, PTZ control
    • C3Event Server functions (Event Search, Device Status, etc.) are not supported for P2P connection
  • Added “Channel Remote Set Ready” option to Site List context (right-click) menu;  allows access to the DVR/NVR web page for remote device setup (virtual tunneling)
    • To access the NVR’s web configuration through virtual tunneling, right-click on the site in C3 CMS and enable the “Channel Remote Set Ready” setting, then select “Site Remote Setup”

Fixed Issues

  • Issues with AVI backup files. Fixed.

Additional Resources

Installation File Download

  • Click Here to download the C3 CMS v1.1.4.77 installation file
    • To update existing installations, run the C3 CMS installation wizard


Additional Notes

C3 CMS v1.1.4.77 requires that any VMAX IP Plus or VMAX A1 Plus recording unit must have been updated to use the PathFinder (P2P) service firmware update:

For More Information or Technical Support

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