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07/12/2021 - Patch Notes - DW Spectrum IPVMS Software Patch v4.2.0.33124                                                                         DW Technical Bulletin

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  July 12, 2021

Re:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.2.0.33124 software patch

DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.2.0.33124 Patch Notes

New Firmware Version:  v4.2.0.33124

Current Firmware Version:  v4.2.0.32842

Release Date:  June 14, 2021

This is a cumulative patch which incorporates all previously released 4.2 patches.

New Features

New Device Support

  • Encoders added to the analog list:
    • Advidia VP-16-V2
    • Amcrest AMDV8M4-H5, AMDV10818-S4
    • ANNKE DN41R
    • Bosch VIDEOJET-X20
    • Dahua C52A3N, DH-HCVR4104HS-V3, DH-HCVR4108HS-V3, DH-XVR7208*, DHI-NVR5416-16P-4KS2E, N42B2P, X72A3A, X82R2A2
    • Hikvision DS-7324, DS-7632*, NR32P8-8
    • Honeywell HEN04103
    • IC Realtime BREEZE-6S2-108
    • IntelBras MHDX 1016
    • Interlogix TVE-1610, TVR-1216HD
    • Lorex D861A8, LNR632, N882A6, NR908X
    • LTS LTD8316T, LTD8504
    • Moxa VPORT 461A
    • Securtex Digital SD-2162*
    • Tiandy TC-R3120*
    • ToughDog Security TDNVR24P24KS
    • Unimo UDR-JA1604
    • Vicon ENC-H264-16
    • Visiotech XS-NVR3108*, XS-XVR6116-4KL-HEVC
  • Multi-sensor Cameras:
    • Arecont Vision AV8476, AV10856*, AV20476, AV4856DN
    • AVYCON AVC-NBM81F180
    • Avigilon 12C-H4A-4MH-360
    • Axis Q6010-E, Q6100-E
    • Dahua DH-IPC-PFW8840N-A180, DH-SDT5A405WA-4F-B, DH-IPC-PFW8840-A180, DH-SDT5X405-4F-WA, DH-TPC-DF1241*
    • GNS NCA08-FN
    • Hikvision DS-2CD6924G0-IHS
    • IC Realtime IPEL-M80V-IRW1
    • IndigoVision SP-20MP-MS-360
    • LTS LTDHIP39222W-28ISM
    • Vicon V1020-WIR-360
  • Advanced PTZ Support:
    • Bosch 9000i, AUTODOME IP Starlight 5100
    • Canon VB-R12VE and VB-R13
    • Milesight MS-C2941-X42
    • Panasonic WV-S6131
  • HANWHA device support
    • Added support for overlapped IDs on Hanwha NVRs.
    • Added a GUI for non-admin users to access overlapped NVR IDs.
    • Added support for the SPC-2000 joystick to the desktop client.

Fixed Issues

Analytics Fixes

  • Bosch cameras analytics plugin:
    • Added the ability to understand object type.
  • VIVOTEK cameras analytics plugin:
    • The server did not apply height and angle values to VIVOTEK cameras after they were factory reset. Fixed.
    • Frequent Plugin Diagnostic Event notifications for "Metadata streaming failed" appeared in the Notification Panel. Fixed.
    • The server's maximum height value overwrote the camera's installation height set on the camera's webpage. Fixed.
  • HANWHA cameras AI analytics plugin:
    • Added support for SD card analytic events.
    • Mismatch between the Temperature Detection areas in the desktop client and camera’s webpage. Fixed.
    • Temperature Change Detection was missing from the Hanwha analytics plugin in Camera Settings. Fixed.
  • Hikvision cameras analytics plugin:
    • Added support for Hikvision analytics to HiLook IPC-T260H OEM.
  • DW cameras analytics plugin:
  • Updated DW Edge analytics plugin files in the installer.
  • Added support for the DW_MX9 plugin to TVT TD-9452E3B, TD-9551E3B, TD-9553E3B, TD-9554E3B, and TD-9555E3B.

Device Fixes

  • RTSP streams from Sanyo cameras did not work correctly. Fixed.
  • PTZ preset point and call execution did not work correctly on ACTi B26. Fixed.
  • There was a slight difference in the zoom window view between the exported file and archive of Milesight MS-C9674-PB (fisheye). Fixed.
  • Win4net-related requests will no longer be sent to non-Win4net cameras.
  • The server sent the wrong FPS value to PELCO P2230L-ESR, which caused the initialization process to fail. Fixed.
  • Hikvision NVR DS-7732NI-14/16 could not properly connect to the server due to an ONVIF issue. Fixed.
  • DW cameras with CAAS firmware 4.0 and lower experienced large FPS drops while recording. Fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • Some Hikvision cameras generated the wrong timestamp on bookmarks for LPR events. Fixed.
  • The FPS shown in the recording schedule did not match the FPS value saved in settings. Fixed.
  • Some events repeated several times in the Notification Panel. Fixed.
  • Improper characters displayed in the log file for archive video file paths. Fixed.
  • For some camera models, HTTP GET requests frequently returned 404 errors in the log file. Fixed.
  • The Hidapi dependency library was missing from the desktop client installer. Fixed.
  • Server's API did not properly support RTSP streams without video (503 error). Fixed.
  • Some cameras did not stream in high resolutions when Intel QuickSync was enabled in the desktop client. Fixed.
  • Server does not ignore the first stop event for prolonged events. Fixed.
  • The text on tooltips for traffic detection notifications was not formatted. Fixed.
  • A graphical glitch affected how Korean text appeared in the installer. Fixed.
  • Analytics sections did not show up on the Plugins tab in System Administration. Fixed.
  • Hikvision H.265 camera streams could not be viewed from the WebAdmin and Cloud Portal. Fixed.
  • G726 audio did not play during archive video playback. Fixed.
  • Unable to watch video streams over Cloud on the mobile client or web browser. Fixed.
    • Added the option cloudConnectRelayingOverSslForced to the Advanced Settings page in the WebAdmin.
  • Fixed an issue where the server could not play RTSP streams from Delta Encoder by fixing an initialization issue and enabling NAT traversal for UDP streams.
  • DW cameras sometimes produced the error "No data received during last 0 seconds". Fixed.
  • The server’s storage would become invalid or inaccessible after a while. Fixed.
  • Gaps in recording occurred when frame processing was delayed by an analytics plugin. Fixed.


Software Improvements

  • Redesigned the in-client user manual:
    • Modern look and feel
    • Improved search tool
    • Collapsible/expandable topics
  • Added the option to set a custom domain name for the server to use with EHLO command when initially connecting to the SMTP server.
    • Open Web Admin, go to the Advanced Settings page and modify the “smptName” field.
  • Added an option to Expert Settings for ONVIF cameras to make the server use ONVIF/media2 to get their profiles.
  • Improved Cloud security.
  • Improved Server security.

Additional Resources

Installation File Download

  • Build Number:  33124
  • Password:  1t8sih

Installation File Download

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