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11/01/2021 - Patch Notes - DW Spectrum IPVMS Software Patch v4.2.0.33830                                                                          DW Technical Bulletin

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  November 1, 2021

Re:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.2.0.33830 Software Patch

DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.2.0.33830 Patch Notes

New Software Version:  v4.2.0.33830

Current Patch Version:  v4.2.0.33580

Release Date: October 29, 2021

This is a cumulative patch that incorporates all previously released v4.2 patches.

New Features

New Device Support

  • Added input signal support for Hikvision DS-2CD2346G2 and DS-2CD2386G2
  • Encoders added to the analog list:
    • CBC Ganz DR-16M52
    • C-Q-IT NVR-S1V8P8-LS2
    • Dahua DHI-NVR52A16-*
    • Digimerge DV908
    • Honeywell HEN081, HRHT416*, HRHT408
    • Kiloview E2
    • Lorex N881A6
    • Ocean CCTV DR-TW1508E
    • UniView NVR202-*
  • Advanced PTZ support:
    • Hikvision DS-2DE2A4040IW-*
  • Multi-sensor cameras:
    • Alibi ALI-NT4002*
    • Hikvision DS-2DP0836*
    • Interlogix TVS-5101

Fixed Issues

Bug Fixes

  • Updating to the 4.2 patch changed the timestamp of existing Event Log entries to 1970/01/01. Fixed
  • "Open Layout" in the Joystick Settings menu reverts to "No Action" after disconnecting from the server. Fixed.
  • Fixed some minor GUI issues in the Joystick Settings menu.
  • Using a search filter prevented multiple LDAP users from being imported all at once. Fixed.
  • The server configured TP-Link Tapo C200 to exceed its supported bitrate. Fixed.
  • Improved desktop client stability.
  • Turning on auto-discovery after manually adding Milesight MS-C2962-FPB resulted in a duplicate on the server. Fixed.
  • RAM load was incorrectly presented in the Information tab on WebAdmin for Raspberry Pi 4 devices. Fixed.
  • Files exported with the MPEG Audio layer 1/2 (mpga) codec have no sound during playback in the desktop client. Fixed.
  • Some Canon camera models had an RTSP CSeq limit that caused live streams to intermittently stop. Fixed.
  • The number of available Motion Guard and Fence Guard profiles did not match the number of Axis cameras with configured profiles. Fixed.


Software improvements

  • Improved Hikvision analytics plugin stability
  • Updated the naming scheme for analytics plugins

Additional Resources

In-Client Upgrade

  • Build Number:  33830
  • Password:  pi0lsq

Installation File Download

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