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12/10/2020 - Patch Notes - DW Spectrum IPVMS v4.1.0.32213 Software Patch                                                                         DW Technical Bulletin

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  December 10, 2020

Re:  DW Spectrum IPVMS v4.1.0.32213 software patch

DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.1.0.32213 Patch Notes

New Firmware Version:  v4.1.0.32213

Current Firmware Version:  v4.1.0.31401

Release Date:  December 10, 2020

This is a cumulative patch which incorporates all previously released v4.1 patches.

New Features:

New Device Support

  • Encoders added to the analog list:
    • Amcrest NV4108E-HS, AMDV8M16-H5
    • CBC Ganz ZN-AIBOX16
    • Grundig GRN-R2108P
    • FLIR DNR716
    • Hikvision DS-7104x, DS-7616NI-I2/16P
    • Hunt CCTV HWS-04AD
    • LTS LTN8932H-P16
    • Optio OPDVR04
    • Osiris OS-NVR8M8P-4H1-4K
    • RVi 1HDR08K, RVi-R08MA
    • Smartec STR-HD1625
    • Vicon VLR-ENC-16-A
    • Winic AR326-4
  • Advanced PTZ support:
    • Axis Q740x
    • Milesight MS-C2971x, MS-C5361x
  • Multi-sensor Cameras
    • Digital Watchdog DWC-PVX16W*, DWC-PV2M4T, DWC-PB6M4T, DWC-PZ21M69T, DWC-PB2M4TIR
    • Pelco IMM12018, IMM12027, IMM12036 (or Optera IMM12036?)
    • Secubest NVM2-A21
    • Uniview IPC8542ER5-DUP
    • Vivotek VC8201*
    • Hikvision DS-2PT5326IZ-DE, DS-2TD2617*

Fixed Issues

Analytics Fixes

  • (Introduced in VIVOTEK analytics plugin: An internal error would occur when enabling Smart Motion Detection without Smart VCA. Desktop Client would display the error if the System had an enabled analytics event rule that sends desktop notifications. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in Hikvision analytics plugin: Hikvision DS-2CD2365G1-I displayed "Temperature" object types in the Objects tab even though it is not a thermal camera. Fixed.

Device Fixes

  • SNP-3120 failed to connect to the Server due to a resource initialization error. Fixed.
  • Signal I/O support added for HIKVISION DS-2TD4237*.
  • The Server could not play the RTSP streams from the following Hanwha cameras: LND-6011R, LNV-6011R, and LNO-6011R. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in The Web Page tab in Camera Settings for DWC-MPTZ5X would not load. Fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • On some Linux-based Systems, the Server would automatically select a storage drive without the necessary permissions to store analytics data. Fixed.
  • The Server did not close HTTP and RTSP streams if crucial user properties were modified. Fixed.
  • Transcoding failed to occur when exporting footage that used more than one codec. Fixed.
  • Events configured to send an email to multiple users would send the wrong number of emails when triggered. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in The camera name and timestamp text overlays would sometimes overlap one another on screenshots. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in Screenshots from multisensor cameras included the image from only one sensor. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in Saving screenshots from cameras with long names would cause the Desktop Client on Linux to crash. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in The option "Play audio from all cameras on layout" in Local Settings did not work correctly. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in Desktop Client on Mac OS would crash when opening the Export dialog. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in When low on storage space, the Server would delete all prior backups instead of just the oldest backups to free up space for a new Server backup. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in The right side of the overlay in exported videos would get cut off. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in Storage credentials were not encrypted in the Server log. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in DW cameras did not display some camera parameters in the Web Page tab in Camera Settings. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in Fixed an issue where some actions did not sync properly between Servers.
  • (Introduced in The "Camera IP conflict" event did not work when triggered. Fixed.
  • (Introduced in Fixed an issue where camera vendor and model in Camera Settings were swapped for devices with the model name "General".


  • The “cameraId” parameter is added to the documentation for /ec2/analyticsTrackBestShot.
  • (Introduced in Added new URL parameters for exporting over the /media method.


Analytics Improvements

The following models and analytics features should be supported but have not been exhaustively tested. Please test with your device(s) before implementing this patch:

  • Dahua analytics plugin:
    • Models:
      • All models with supported analytics.
    • Analytics Features:
      • Added short object tracking for objects in events. The track duration is about 500ms.
      • Fast-moving
      • Parking detection
      • Loitering,
      • People gathering
      • Abandoned object detection(Left object detection)
      • Intrusion detection
      • Missing object detection
      • Tripwire detection (Cross line detection)

Software Improvements

  • Export dialog now uses short date and time format by default instead of long date and time format.
  • Update packages are now validated before installing to prevent malware injection.
  • Camera name and export time can now be overlayed onto the footage in the Export Dialog.
  • Camera name can now be overlayed when capturing a screenshot.
  • Exported videos in h.264 format can now be played back in Windows Media Player.
  • Server will re-initialize cameras when packets are not received from the secondary stream for more than 10 seconds.

Additional Resources

In-Client Upgrade Information

  • Build Number:  32213
  • Password:  l0w13e

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