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03/09/2021 - Patch Notes - DW Spectrum IPVMS Software Patch v4.1.0.32601                                                                         DW Technical Bulletin

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  March 9, 2021

Re:  DW Spectrum IPVMS v4.1.0.32601 software patch

DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.1.0.32601 Patch Notes

New Firmware Version:  v4.1.0.32601

Current Firmware Version:  v4.1.0.31401

Release Date: March 9, 2021

This is a cumulative patch which incorporates all previously released v4.1 patches.

New Features:

New Device Support

  • New Supported Devices:
    • AXIS I8016, P1455, AXIS P3247, AXIS P3248, P3255, AXIS Q6100, Q6135, Q8752, V5925
  • Encoders added to the analog list:
    • Advidia VP-16-V2
    • CBC Ganz ZN-AIBOX4
    • Dahua XVR5108x, X51B1E, DHI-HCVR4216AS3, DHI-NVR2108x, C52A2N, X51A3E2
    • Hanwha SPE-16x
    • LOREX D861A8
    • Onix TVIMR32
    • UniView NVR516x
  • Multi-sensor Cameras
    • Axis Q6010x

Fixed Issues

Analytics Fixes

  • Fixed an HTTP authentication issue between the server and VIVOTEK VCA plugin.

Device Fixes

  • Avigilon H3M experienced intermittent signal issues due to the "Cannot modify default profile" ONVIF error. Fixed.
  • Added support for Axis C1410 Network Mini Speaker.
  • FPS limitation for Axis Q1645 was increased to 120 fps.
  • Hanhwa LND-6010R, LNV-6010R, LNO-6010R, and XNO-6010R failed to initialize correctly via ONVIF. Fixed.
  • AXIS A9188 I/O ports displayed in the wrong order in the desktop client. Fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • Archived video encoded with H.264 codec and exported to .NOV or .EXE would freeze at 99% during the export process. Fixed.
  • Users without the appropriate permissions were able to access the Server Monitor. Fixed.
  • The Server tried to query storage space information about a DVD drive. Fixed.
  • Cloud merge would not work for clients with only port 443 open and required port 80 to be open too. Fixed.
  • Fixed a memory leak on Ubuntu servers caused by mismatching RTP packet timestamps.


Software Improvements

  • Added Catalan language.

Additional Resources

In-Client Upgrade Information

  • Build Number:  32601
  • Password:  5lgi78

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