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10/14/2020 - Patch Notes - DW Spectrum IPVMS v4.1.0.31945 Software Patch                                                                         DW Technical Bulletin

To:  DW® Customers

Date:  October 14, 2020

Re:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.1.0.31945 software patch

DW Spectrum IPVMS v4.1.0.31945 Patch Notes

New Firmware Version:  v4.1.0.31945

Current Firmware Version:  v4.1.0.31401

Release Date:  October 14, 2020

This is a cumulative patch which incorporates all previously released v4.1 patches.

New Features:

New Device Support

The following models and analytics features should be supported but have not been exhaustively tested. Please test with your device(s) before implementing this patch:

  • Bosch analytics plugin:
    • Models:
      • All models with supported analytics
    • Analytics Features:
      • Excessive brightness
      • IVA: Intrusion (one field). Object in field
      • IVA: Intrusion (two fields). Left to right
      • IVA: Intrusion (two fields). Right to left
      • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Dropped object
      • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Pedestrian
      • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Slow vehicle
      • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Stopped vehicle
      • IVA: TrafficIncidents. Wrong way
      • Insufficient brightness
      • MOTION+: Detect any motion
      • Motion detection
      • Object detection
      • Scene change
  • Added analytics for Provision ISR cameras.
    • Models:
      • BX-341IPE
      • I4-340IPE-36, I4-340IPE-:VF, I6-340IPE-MVF
      • DAI-340IPE-28, DAI-340IPE-MVF
      • DI-340IPE-28, DI-340IPE-MVF
      • DMA-340IPE-28
    • Analytics events:
      • Motion Detection
      • Perimeter Intrusion
      • Line Crossing
      • Scene Change
      • Video Blur Detection
      • Abnormal color detection
      • Entering Object Detection
      • Leaving Object Detection
      • Line Crossing Object Counting

Fixed Issues

Analytics Fixes

  • Camera profile names did not show up correctly when configuring event rules for the AXIS Fence Guard plugin.
  • AXIS LPR analytics plugin events were not triggered. Fixed.
  • VIVOTEK analytics plugin: polygons and lines plugin settings are improved to be more aligned with the in-camera web-page options.
  • When an analytics plugin is enabled on a camera and its settings are saved, the changes/updated values are not reflected in the GUI after the plugin settings dialog is re-opened.
  • Detected objects had the wrong timestamps stored in the analytics DB.
  • Fixed an issue where analytics plugin events on Hikvision DS-2CD2346G1-I/SL (non-thermal camera) were recorded as temperature tracking events instead of object detection events.
  • Hikvision analytics plugin: Point object type support is added.
  • Under certain conditions some analytics settings would disappear from the GUI after saving changes. Fixed.

Device Fixes

  • Hikvision fixes/improvements:
    • Hikvision DS-2CD7A26G0x now supports the signal input event.
    • Fixed an error that prevented the stream from working on the Hikvision DS-2TD1217-6/V1 thermal camera.
    • Fixed an input signal problem on Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-6/PA.
    • Hikvision DS-2TD1217x incorrectly reported PTZ support. Fixed.
    • Distorted audio on Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS8/P when MPEG sampling rate was set to 44.1 kHz. Fixed.
  • Server failed to fetch the stream from Hikvision DVR DS-7216HUHI-K2. Fixed.
    • Only the first channel worked properly on Hikvision DS-7216HWI-SH/A after the discovery. Fixed.
    • The last two channels (15 & 16) of a Hikvision 16CH DVR (DS-7216HWI-SH/A) were showing an error. Fixed.
  • Hanwha XND-6080RV had the wrong stream settings while configuring via Onvif. Fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • Under certain rare circumstances the client could not connect to the server after upgrading from 3.2 to 4.1. Fixed.
  • Archive footage from cameras with MP2L2 audio encoding enabled had no audio when exported to AVI.
  • Fixed a file handle leak on Windows servers.
  • Failed to export a local file to MP4 format. Fixed.
  • The Motion tab for ArecontVision 12186DN panoramic camera did not display a video stream on ARM servers. Fixed.
  • Virtual cameras created using video recordings from Android devices have an inaccurate timeline due to differences in timestamp and file creation on Android. Fixed.
  • Updating the Server version on Ubuntu would cause the Server HWID to change and invalidate the license in certain cases. Fixed.
  • The number of licenses in use would not display properly with French regional settings enabled in the Desktop Client. Fixed.
  • The Desktop Client sometimes crashed when a camera’s Motion tab was opened on Windows with Intel QuickSync enabled. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where some versions of the Desktop Client were unable to perform an in-client update to another 4.1 build.
  • Fixed an issue where the URL format did not work properly when the timestamp parameter was used to access virtual cameras. The Desktop Client would open and play the archive from the beginning instead of the specified timestamp.
  • The Desktop Client stability improved.
  • Sometimes exported video would stutter during playback. Fixed.
  • Sometimes the navigation menu on the WebAdmin page would appear twice. Fixed.


  • Stub Analytics Plugin: Added the method serverSdkVersion() to IUtilityProvider. serverSdkVersion() passes information about the Server’s built-in SDK version to the plugin.
  • Stub Analytics Plugin: Analytics Events would sometimes not show a thumbnail in the Notifications Panel. Fixed.
  • The wrong parameter type was used for the logLevel field on the WebAdmin’s API testing tool page. Fixed.
  • Added preciseBounds parameter to /ec2/recordedTimePeriods. The time range bounds will match the start and end times of the requests.
  • RTSP Streaming parameters were missing from the Server API documentation. Fixed.
  • Fixed errors that occurred when running the public node.js examples.
  • The licenseUsed value from ec2/getCamerasEx was innacurate for a recording camera on an active schedule. Fixed.


Software Improvements

  • Only administrators can see servers in the Desktop Client “About" dialog.
  • Added the ability to playback audio from all devices on the scene in the Desktop Client.
  • Added Intel QuickSync hardware accelerated decoding for H.265 videos from panoramic cameras.
  • The Server failed to retransmit video from certain UDP streams as RTSP streams. Fixed.
  • The Server could not store analytics data on some Ubuntu servers due to selecting partitions which it didn't have write access to. If the Server does not have write access to a particular partition, it can no longer be selected to store analytics data.
  • Redesigned PTZ controls. Advanced PTZ activates only when the Shift key is pressed.

Device Improvements

  • New Hikvision cameras supported: DS-2DE4425, DS-2DE4A320
  • Encoders added to the analog list:
    • Bosch VIP X1 XF IVA
    • Cantek AR315-8
    • Digital Watchdog DW-ENHD16, DW-EN4K16
    • Etrovision Technology EV3151A
    • Honeywell HEN161x4, HEN161x
    • LunaIP L-IPR-5216-EP-4K
    • Optio OPDVR04, OPDVR08, OPDVR16
    • Provision ISR DVS-IP5-4
    • Risco RVNVR080020A
    • UniView NVR304-32EP-B
    • Z3 Technology FSDI-DCK-10
  • Multi-sensor cameras:
    • Dahua IPC-PDBW8802-A180
    • Hikvision DS-2CD6944G0-IHS
    • Mobotix S16A
  • Advanced PTZ Support:
    • Hikvision DS-2DF8425IXx, DS-2DE5174, DS-2DE4A225x
    • Milesight MS-C2942-RB

Additional Resources

In-Client Upgrade Information

  • Build Number:  31945
  • Password:  phc37j

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