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Adding A Site To DW ACS For Macintosh

Adding A Site To DW ACS For Macintosh


Affected Roles:  All Users

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW ACS for Mac

Complexity:  Low

Last Edit:  May 15, 2020


DW ACS for Mac

The DW ACS for Mac application allows users to monitor live video and review previously recorded footage from the comfort of their Macintosh computer.

This article will outline how to add a viewing site to the DW ACS for Mac viewing application.

Note:  To download the installation file for DW ACS for Mac, click on the Download icon under the Software tab.

Note:  If you are having difficulty installing the program onto your Macintosh, please read Installing Third Party Applications On Macintosh.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • VMAX Series (Legacy)
  • VMAX 480 Series
  • VMAX Flex Series
  • VMAX 960H Series
  • VMAX A1 Series (2.1 MP)

Creating A Site

To create a new viewing site in DW ACS for Mac:

  1. Launch the DW ACS for Mac application and log in.
  1. Click on the Site Manager button in the toolbar.

  1. The Site Manager window will display.

Click the Plus (+) button to add a new site entry to the Site Manager.

  1. To edit the entry values, double-click in each box.

Complete the following:

  • Name – enter a name for the site.  This will not affect connectivity with your DVR.
  • Address – enter the IP address, DDNS address, or WAN address for your DVR.  Local network settings can be found in the Network menu of your recording unit.
  • Port – enter the TCP/IP/Mobile port of the recording unit.  Default port for most units is 9010.  Check in the Network menu of your DVR if needed.
  • User ID – enter the user profile that you use to log in at the DVR itself.  Default ID is admin.
  • User Password – enter the password that you use to log in at the DVR itself.  Default password is <no password>; leave it blank.
  • Ch. – enter the viewing channels that you would like to monitor.  For example, to view all the channels of a 16-channel unit, enter 1-16.
  • Model – select the model of the DVR.  “VMAX” applies to the VMAX Series (Legacy), 960H applies to the VMAX 960H Series and VMAX Flex Series, and VMAX A1 applies to the VMAX A1 Series (2.1 MP).

  1. Click the Apply button to save the site.

You can then close the Site Manager window.

Connecting To A Site

To connect to a site:

  1. Click on your site from the Site List panel.

Select either Live or Search, then click on the Connect button.

  1. Alternatively, select either Live or Search, then drag and drop the site into the display area.

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