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Connecting To VMAX A1 Plus (5 MP) Using Pathfinder

Connecting to VMAX® A1 Plus™ (5 MP) Using Pathfinder™


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Mobile Plus (iOS & Android)

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  April 2, 2021



The PathFinder™ function offers an option to securely connect with a VMAX® A1 Plus™ system on your iOS or Android mobile device.  This can be done by either scanning a QR code or manually entering the Pathfinder ID that is generated in the recorder’s Network settings menu.  This allows users to connect, view, playback, and search video from a mobile device while using most consumer network setups.

This article will outline how to enable Pathfinder™ on your VMAX® A1 Plus™ recording unit and how to connect with the DW Mobile Plus™ mobile application (iOS & Android).

Pathfinder™ Limitations

Pathfinder™ is a P2P (peer-to-peer) service that requires a strong Internet connection.  If the Internet connection is poor or are using a VPN, you may encounter connection issues through the Pathfinder™ function.

While using a Firewall or SonicWall to limit incoming traffic to the network, port forwarding (hole-punching) may be necessary for the NVR to successfully connect remotely with the DW Mobile Plusmobile application. In this case, please port forward the NVR using its local IP Address, Mobile Port, and Web Port.

Instead of Pathfinder™, you may use an IP address or DDNS address to connect with the VMAX® A1 Plus™ remotely.

**NOTE:  Digital Watchdog Support does not offer port forwarding services. Please contact your ISP, router manufacturer, or Network Administrator for port forwarding assistance.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • VMAX® A1 Plus™ Series

Activating Pathfinder™

To enable Pathfinder™:

  1. At the VMAX® A1 Plus™, log in as the Administrator
    • Default ID:  admin
    • Default Password:  <no password>
  1. Right-click with the mouse and select Menu.

Select Network, then select Pathfinder.

  1. Click on the Use Pathfinder checkbox to enable the Pathfinder function, then click the Save button to apply the change.  The Status should show that the Pathfinder function is activated in the Pathfinder menu.

**NOTE:  If the Status does not show that the function is activated, make sure that you have saved the settings after enabling Pathfinder.

Additionally, confirm that the VMAX® A1 Plus™ firmware is up-to-date and check the NVR’s Network settings for errors.  Outdated firmware or incorrect IP address information can be a common cause of connection issues.

Setting Up DW Mobile Plus™

To connect your DW Mobile Plus™ (iOS & Android) mobile application to the VMAX® A1 Plus™ using Pathfinder™:

  1. If you have not already done so, download and install the DW Mobile Plus™ mobile application from the App Store or Google Play.

Launch the DW Mobile Plus™ application on the mobile device.

  1. During the initial set up, the Site List will be empty.

Tap on the Create a new site ( + ) button to create a new site.

  1. The Add New Site window will display.

Tap on the Scan icon and allow access to your mobile device’s camera.

At the VMAX A1 Plus, scan the Pathfinder QR code that was generated in the DVR’s Pathfinder menu with the mobile device.

The Pathfinder ID will autofill in the Host field of the DW Mobile Plus™ mobile application.

  1. Complete the following information for the New Site.
  • Name:  how the site will be labeled in the application
  • Port:  TCP/IP Port of the recording unit (default – 9010)
  • Login:  the user ID of the recording unit (default – admin)
  • Password:  the password of the recording unit (default – <no password>)
  1. Tap the Save button to apply the changes.

Your site will display in the Site List.

Select the Site to connect with the VMAX® A1 Plus™.

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