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Enabling ONVIF On Hikvision Cameras

Enabling ONVIF On Hikvision Cameras


Affected Roles:  Owner, Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum

Complexity:  Low to Medium

Last Edit:  July 14, 2020


Third Party Additions

When ONVIF compliant devices are added to a camera network, DW Spectrum, as well as the VMAX IP Plus Series NVRs, will attempt to automatically add it to the Server when using their Auto Discovery feature.  However, if the camera is a third-party device and is using its factory default features, issues may arise during this process.

Hikvision cameras, for example, can be discovered within the camera network, but will often be unable to be automatically added due to their default security settings.  Following Hikvision’s v5.5.0 firmware update, the camera’s ONVIF function is disabled by default.

This article will outline how to configure a Hikvision camera for making additions to a VMAX IP Plus unit or to DW Spectrum.

Note:  Please use the Digital Watchdog camera compatibility lists for DW Spectrum or for the VMAX IP Plus if you are unsure if the camera will be supported by your Server or NVR.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DW Blackjack Series
  • VMAX IP Plus Series

Detecting the Camera

When configuring an IP camera, the user must know the camera’s networking information in order to connect with the camera’s web interface, add it to a Server, or for general network awareness.

Most third-party camera manufacturers will provide a detection software tool that can be used to locate the camera on the network, identify its IP address, or to identify its model information. 

To acquire this type of software, you can visit the Hikvision Tools web page and download either the SADP Tool or Batch Configuration Tool (varies depending on Hikvision camera model). 

Alternatively, if you know the camera’s default login information, ONVIF Device Manager (ODM) is another detection tool that can be used to locate and identify ONVIF compliant devices within the camera network.  ODM can be acquired from the Source Forge website.

Note:  If you are unsure which tool to use or require further assistance, please contact Hikvision for more information regarding their cameras.

Configuring the Camera

If you are encountering issues with adding a Hikvision camera:

  1. Locate the camera on the network.

If you do not know the networking information of the camera, use either ODM or the Hikvision discovery tools to locate the camera on the network.

Note:  The Hikvision Batch Configuration Tool features an ONVIF Configuration feature that can be used to simultaneously activate the ONVIF function in multiple cameras.  This is an alternate method to using a web browser to activate the ONVIF profile in Hikvision cameras.

  1. Open a web browser and enter the camera’s IP address into the address bar.

Enter the camera’s Admin login.  Refer to the Hikvision camera’s User Manual to obtain the default information.

Note:  If you are using the default login of the camera, you may be prompted with a notification to change the camera’s password.

Note:  If the camera is connected to the integrated PoE switch of a VMAX IP Plus NVR, please read Connecting With Cameras Through Virtual Ports (VMAX IP Plus) to connect with the camera.  Otherwise, you must connect the camera to a PoE switch that is separate from the VMAX IP Plus to continue with this setup.

  1. Select the Configuration tab.

Select the Advanced Settings menu.

Select the Integration Protocol tab.

  1. Enable the Enable ONVIF setting to turn the ONVIF function on.

Note:  It is recommended to also enable the Enable Hikvision-CGI setting.

  1. Click the Add button to create an ONVIF profile.

  1. To create an ONVIF profile for use with Digital Watchdog products, we recommend the following settings:
  • Username:  admin
  • Password:  admin
  • Confirmation:  admin (same as Password)
  • Level:  Administrator

Click the OK button to add the new ONVIF profile.

Note:  These login settings are the same User Name and Password that will be used when adding the camera to DW Spectrum or to a VMAX IP Plus.

  1. The new ONVIF profile will display in the User List.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the window to apply the changes.

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