Adding A New MEGApix Camera To The VMAX IP Plus

Adding New MEGApix Cameras to the VMAX IP Plus


Affected Roles:  Administrator

Complexity:  Low to Medium

Last Edit:  April 2, 2020


Adding MEGApix Cameras

In an effort to increase security, Digital Watchdog’s MEGApix cameras now feature a mandatory password creation when first connecting with a camera.  The VMAX IP Plus Series allows users to easily add a camera by simply connecting it to the NVR’s PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) switch, but does not allow users to initially apply a custom password to the camera.

This article will outline how to connect a new MEGApix camera to the VMAX IP Plus, then how to change the camera’s password.

Note:  For more information regarding changing camera passwords separately from the VMAX IP Plus, please read Assigning Passwords To IP Cameras.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • VMAX IP Plus Series
  • DW MEGApix Camera Series

Plug n’ Play

By default, when connecting a new MEGApix IP camera to the built-in PoE switch of the VMAX IP Plus unit, the NVR will automatically attempt to register the camera to its camera list.

To add a camera using the built-in PoE switch:

  1. Connect the camera to the onboard PoE switch (see diagram below).

The camera should power, then begin to stream video through the NVR after it completes the registration process.

  1. If the camera fails to register, use the manual Reset button located inside of the camera housing. 

Hold down the Reset button down for 10 seconds.  The camera will reboot and default its settings.

The camera should then automatically be added to the NVR.

Changing Password Through Virtual Port

By default, the VMAX IP Plus is permitted to use the original default login (admin/admin) for the camera after the initial addition to its camera list.  However, if a user were to try to connect with the camera through the NVR’s virtual ports, they would not be able to use the camera’s default login.

To change the camera’s password when connecting through a virtual port:

  1. Open a web browser on a local computer.
  1. Connect with the camera, through the VMAX IP Plus’s virtual port with the following information:


VMAX IP Plus IP Address:

Camera Connection:  Channel – 3


  1. After connecting with the camera through the virtual port, you will be met with a login screen for the camera.

You will need the MAC address of the NVR to proceed.  This information can be obtained from the System Information menu of the VMAX IP Plus.

Log in with the following information:

Username:  admin

Password:  !<MAC Address of NVR> (lower case)

  1. To change the password after logging into the camera, select the System menu, then select User Management.

Select the admin (Administrator), then click Modify.

  1. Enter the new Password.

Enter the new password again in the Retype Password field.

Add a Password Hint (optional).

Click Apply to save the setting changes.

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