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C2P LPR integration

C2P LPR integration 

Affected Roles: Administrator
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: C2P, DW Spectrum

Date Created: 01/21/2020

Critical Features
C2P offers the most comprehensive LPR integration tools in the VMS space.

  • C2P provides a user-friendly interface to search using drop-down menus and keywords coming in from the IP device to find events and bring up its associated video.
  • With one click of a button, both event data and video are brought to the client screen
  • The C2P Procedure Manager allows the customer to create their own unique message to come up on screen when the customer-defined rule was satisfied. Example Stolen vehicle, unregistered plate, terminated employee, etc.
  • Using our Pop-Up alert manager when an urgent event is detected which pushes an alert jpeg image to the screen accompanied by audible tones emphasizing the importance of the incident. The Alert requires the security guard's acknowledgment before the on-screen alert goes away.
  • Users can run Audit Investigations based on user-defined rules associated with suspicious activity.


  • Correlates LPR transactions with associated camera video of the transaction.
  • Flexible display options for presenting LPR activity to the VMS.
  • Display time in BackOffice mode uses the LPR database timestamp.
  • Flexible search capability allows for 3 layers of search parameter filtering.
  • Match plate to a pre-defined list of plates and trigger an event upon a match.
  • Classify plates as Blacklist, Whitelist or Grey list and set alarms accordingly.
  • Bring on-screen procedures and instructions with contact names and phone numbers to call when specific plates are recognized. 

Enhanced Usability Providing more detailed information that is easier to read and manage.

  • Dual Verification – visual image with a written description.
  • Combing video surveillance with a License Plate Recognition (LPR) network provides a more complete picture of the entire plate recognition process.
  • LPR cameras and their network provide a physical event to which surveillance video can be synchronized with to provide real-time viewing and confirmation. 


Event-based rules can be created to notify users of specific license plates once detected. 


When integrating with an LPR system such as PlateSmart, a DW-BJC2P and DW-CNVBASE2 Base license will be required and include 4 event sources. An event source is considered an LPR camera. If more than 4 LPR cameras are required individual licenses can be added using type-2 single licenses. 

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