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C2P Access Control Integration

C2P Access Control Integration

Affected Roles: System Integrator
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: DW Spectrum / C2P
Complexity: Low

Software Version:

Firmware Version:

Created By: JK

Date Created: 01/21/2020

Critical Data Advantages of the data being recorded and displayed “side by side” with any associated video as opposed to a text overlay.

  • Cardholder screen is synchronized and time-stamped with any associated video
  • Access Control text is searchable with search results linked to any associated video
  • Text is alongside video, not as an overlay
  • Multiple camera views
  • Color of the text insertion does not have any effect on the video
  • Court verification is concrete


  • All Access Control text is stored, user searchable and linked to associated video
  • Outbound communication with the door strike
  • Accept or Reject activity reported
  • Card Holder Image displayed 

Enhanced Usability Providing more detailed information that is easier to read and manage.

  • Dual Verification – cardholder image with ID information displayed “side by side” with video of the access event.
  • Open physical doors via the VMS platform made possible through ConvergenceTP ESE.


When integrating with an access control system a DW-BJC2P and DW-CNVBASE1 Base license will be required and will include 25 event sources (access control doors). If more than 25 access control doors are required individual licenses can be added using type 1 single licenses.

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  • 21-Jan-2020