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Adding C2P Search Engine view to Spectrum

Adding C2P Search Engine view to Spectrum

Affected Roles: Administrator
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: C2P, DW Spectrum
Complexity: Low

Date Created: 01/20/2020

ARTICLE HEADING: Adding C2P Search Engine view to Spectrum

Build the DW Spectrum View needed for the Search Engine. Right-click on Web Pages and select New Web Page.

The Hypermedia Search Engine (HSE) web portal for the demo URL is when using a local server.

When using a Cloud instance the Url is HTTP://<IP address of cloud instance>:8991

The 8991 port will be referred to as the HSE Client port.

Note1: The local loopback address for the HSE Client is only used when all components are installed on the same machine.

Note2: Verify that the check box for the C2P integration is selected as shown below. If checkbox is missing you do not have a C2P compatible installer. 

Under Web Pages, double click on the CTP HSE1 to bring up the HSE search Engine The default password is Password1   (case sensitive).

When successfully logged in the default HSE screen will appear. The Search Type drop-down menu provides a list of the different IP Devices available in the search engine.

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