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C2P POS Integration

C2P POS Integration

Affected Roles: Administrator
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: DW Spectrum, C2P Integration
Complexity: Low

Date Created: 01/21/2020

The ConvergenceTP POS module records all of the transactional text in a user searchable SQL database, while optionally recording and/or displaying the transaction in real-time within the VMS system. 

Critical features:

  • Transaction text is displayed alongside any associated video, not as an overlay.
  • Transaction text is synchronized and time-stamped with the video.
  • Transaction text is searchable with search results linked to associated video.
  • Transaction text is rendered to video in real-time for immediate display on the VMS or stored in a database and rendered on-demand based on a BackOffice search result.


  • Correlates POS transactions with associated camera video of the transaction.
  • Flexible display options for presenting transaction activity to the VMS.
  • Display time in BackOffice mode uses the POS transaction time.
  • Flexible search capability allows for 3 layers of search parameter filtering.


When integrating with a POS system a DW-BJC2P and DW-CNVBASE2 Base license will be required and will include 4 event sources. This will allow for four POS systems to be connected. If more than four POS systems are required individual licenses can be added using type 2 single license.

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  • 15-Mar-2022