How to Upgrade DW-BJCUBE Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade (serial number starting with SH81R)

 DW-BJCUBE Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade (serial number starting with SH81R) 

 Preparing for the upgrade. 

 A. Save system information (either write it on a paper and take a picture) 

1. IP Addresses of both network cards. 

2. Computer name 

3. Other miscellaneous Windows information that will need to be restored 

4. Plug USB drive to the one of the two USB ports on the front to save license information and database backup. (* do not use the recovery USB flash drive) 

 B. Backup license information and deactivate licenses 

1. From the License tab in the System Administration, click Export. 

2. Navigate to the USB drive(select My Computer then double click the USB drive) then enter the name for the export file, select the file type as HTML then click Save. 

 3. Open the exported file and verify all the license keys are listed. 

4. Select a license from the list, then click Deactivate. (Repeat step 4 ~ 7until all licenses are removed from the list) 

5. Click Deactivate to confirm 

6. Enter your Name, Email and Reason for deactivation then click Next. (The server must be connected to the Internet) 

(* Select “I am upgrading my machine” for the reason) 

6. Enter your Name, Email and Reason for deactivation then click Next. (The server must be connected to the Internet) 

(* Select “I am upgrading my machine” for the reason) 

* If the system do not have internet connection, submit deactivation request to 

7. Click OK form the License deactivated message box. 

C. Backup DW Spectrum database. 

1. From the General tab in System Administration, click Create Backup… 

2. Enter appropriate name for the backup then click Save. 

C. Move any other files you need to save to the USB drive. 

D. Remove the USB drive from the Cube and turn off the Cube. 

DW-BJCUBE, WINDOWS 7 to Windows 10 upgrade 

(WARNING: all existing recorded data will be deleted) 

A. Plug in the recovery/Upgrade USB into one of USB port in the front of the Cube. 

B. Press the power button to turn on. 

C. During POST (first Digital watchdog LOGO/BIOS screen), press F7 on the keyboard to enter the “Quick boot Menu” 

1. Enter password to continue. (Password : admin (all lowercase)) 

2. Select “UEFI: generic FLASH Disk 8.07” (name of flash drive may be different) and press enter button on keyboard. (the order of the boot device may be different from the image) 

3. Press 1 on the keyboard to access Acronis True Image 2014 

4. Click “My Disks” under Recover, as shown in the picture 

5. After you have selected “Disk Recovery”, you will be asked to select a backup from which to recover. Please select the “Browse” option as shown below; 

6. please double click “81R-WIN10” , if not listed double click on “Removable Drive” assuming no other USB drive or external drive connect to NVR, as shown in the picture; 

7. Once you have done that, please click the first “81R-WIN1O-IOT_full_b1_s1_v1.tib” file as shown below then press “OK”. 

8. It will open the file, then please select next 

9. You have completed the archive selection, now you must choose the recovery method, please select “Recover whole disks and partitions”, and then press next button. 

10. Click on disk 2(number may differ depending on the model of the Cube) checkbox to select all partitions listed then click Next button 


11. You will now be asked to Specify destination disk please select OS HDD(if more than one HDD ,select one on the top) as shown below, then Next; 

12. If a warning appear about partition deletion, press ok 

13. A summary of the Recovery will be shown as below; if all instructions above were followed, please select Proceed. 

14. Your recovery will now begin, click on “restart the computer when the operation is completed” checkbox. The system will automatically restart when the restore is completed. 

While rebooting, remove the recovery USB flash drive. 

BJCUBE is successfully upgraded to Windows 10 

Post Upgrade process 

A. Restore Windows settings. 

1. Configure IP Addresses 

2. Set date and time 

3. Rename computer name (if needed) 

4. Configure other Windows information to match the previous server. 

B. Configure DW Spectrum 

1. Open DW Spectrum client and open New Server. 

2. Click Setup New System 

3. Enter System Name if different then showing then click Next. 

If you set the cameras’ setting manually, click Advanced system settings and uncheck the “Allow system to optimize camera settings” 

4. Enter password then click Next. (If you are using the default password, enter admin1234) 

5. Click Finish 

C. Restore DW Spectrum data 

1. Open DW Spectrum Client and login to the server. 

2. Plug in the USB drive that has the DW Spectrum backup DB file to one of the USB ports in the front. 

3. From General tab in the System Administration, click “Restore from Backup..” 

4. Navigate to the backup location and select the backup file then click Open. 

5. Click OK to confirm restoring from the backup. 

6. Click OK to close the restore successful message box. 

(If you are getting restore failed message, retry after rebooting the system.) 

7. Move cameras to the new server by select all the cameras under the old server(with red X) then drag and drop on the new server. 

8. Click Move on the “Server cannot access cameras. Move them anyway?” 

9. Delete old server after all the cameras and devices are moved to the new server. Right click on the old server and click Delete 

D. Activate licenses 

1. Go to the License tab in the System Administration and activate licenses. (require Internet connection) 

If you need assistance or have questions with the instruction, please email to 

These are not officially procedures so the tech support cannot assist with the upgrade. 

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  • 04-Mar-2020