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Reporting DW Blackjack Rack Issues

DW Blackjack® Rack™ Support Guide


Affected Roles:  Owner, Installer

Last Edit:  March 1, 2021


Reporting DW Blackjack® Rack™ Issues

This article will outline guidelines regarding the reporting of product issues and the support process for the Digital Watchdog Blackjack® Rack™ Series.

**NOTE:  If you are trying to report issues with the DW Spectrum IPVMS software, and not the DW Blackjack Rack, please use the article Reporting DW Spectrum Issues instead.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • DW Blackjack® Rack™ Single Processor Series (DW-JRR2UxxT, DW-BJRR2UxxTLX, DW-BJRR2UxxTS)
  • DW Blackjack Rack Dual Processor Series (DW-BJRR2PxxT, DW-BJRR2PxxTLX, DW-BJRR2PxxTS)

Terms and Definitions

  • On-site Support

A support representative that is dispatched to the same location as the faulty unit to make repairs to the unit in question.

  • NBD

Next Business Day (NBD) where an on-site support representative can attend.

  • Installer

The Installer shall be responsible to maintain functionality and or technical support for all DW servers and cameras.  The Installer may also refer to a person or organization who has opened an online support ticket with DW Technical Support.

  • Dispatch

“Dispatch” is when parts and an on-site support representative have been authorized to attend the site.

  • Site

A reference to the location where the security system is located.

Who to Contact For Support?

The Installer shall always contact DW Technical Support for a DW recording server.  DW Technical Support can be contacted at (866) 446-3595, Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.  The following information is required before contacting DW Technical Support.

  • The server’s serial number (S/N)
  • A description of the issue and any error codes available
  • A screenshot, photo, or video of the issue

Service Level Offering Based Per Product

DW’s Blackjack® Rack™ 2U chassis with single and dual processor servers are backed by a 5-year, on-site, NBD, Keep Your Hard Drive warranty to ensure peace of mind.

When Is On-Site Support Available?

NBD support is available when a hardware malfunction or error occurs on a DW Blackjack® Rack™ server and a DW Technical Support specialist has verified and determined that on-site support is necessary.

When Is On-Site Support Dispatched?

A DW Technical Support specialist must confirm that a hardware malfunction or error is present.  Also, the DW Technical Support specialist must determine that a component replacement is required before on-site support representatives can be dispatched.  Initial troubleshooting is to be performed by a DW Technical Support specialist and the Installer.  Once on-site support is authorized, it can be dispatched the next business day.

Before on-site support is dispatched, the information below must be provided for the location where the faulty server will be:

  • Contact person (must be on location and with authorized access to the server)
  • Telephone number
  • Address (the location where the server will be at the time of the appointment)

**NOTE:  Onsite support is usually authorized between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM local time using the DW Technical Support help desk or by phone.  This varies by location, excludes weekends and public holidays.  Changes to the scheduled on-site appointment must be confirmed with DW Support.

What Is Covered in the Support Process?

  • On-site Support

On-site support covers the replacement of faulty parts and hardware following DW’s Product Warranty.  Please note that on-site support response times and availability may vary by location.

  • Technical Support

DW Technical Support specialists will assist with system configuration changes that are needed to return the system to an operational status.  DW Technical Support will assist with establishing the same configurations as the out-of-the-box settings (factory default).  Any changes, alterations, or customizations are not covered.

  • Keep Your hard Drive Service

This service allows users to keep physical control of faulty hard drives, ensuring that sensitive, classified, or proprietary data is secured.

Once the standard diagnostics procedure is complete, and it is determined that the system has a faulty hard drive, the “Keep Your Hard Drive” service allows users to maintain ownership of the faulty drive and a replacement drive shall be provided and installed by the on-site support technician.

Installer Responsibilities

  • Authority to Grant Access

The Installer shall obtain permission for on-site support for both the Installer and on-site support to access and use the DW server, data, and all hardware/software components included on the server.  If authorization does not already exist, it is the Installer’s responsibility, at their expense, to obtain such authorization before on-site support is performed.

  • Cooperate with DW Technical Support and On-site Technician

The Installer agrees to cooperate with and follow the instructions given over the phone by a DW Technical Support specialist and/or the on-site support technician.

  • On-site Recommendations
    1. The Installer should be reachable and or present on-site.
    2. The Installer must provide adequate, free and safe access to the DW server and the site where it is installed.  This includes ample working space, electricity, and local phone line.  A monitor or a local display, a mouse, and a keyboard must also be provided if the system does not already include these items
  • Full System Check

Once on-site support replaces any hardware components, it is recommended that the Installer performs a full system check.  If additional support is required, you may contact DW Technical Support for further assistance.

  • Data Backup Recommendations

It is highly recommended to complete a backup of all existing data and programs on the server before remote (via the telephone) and on-site support.  Digital Watchdog shall have no obligation or liability for any loss or recovery of data occurring as a result of this advice, technical assistance, or any act or omission, including negligence, by Digital Watchdog or a third-party support provider.

Case Closed

The Installer must agree with the on-site support that the problem is resolved to close the case.

For More Information or Technical Support

DW Technical Support:

Toll-free:  866.446.3595


866.446.3595              [email protected]

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