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Fast Backup Using Web Viewer

Fast Backup Using Web Viewer


Affected Roles:  Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  Web Viewer

Complexity:  Low

Last Edit:  October 22, 2020


Fast Backup

The Fast Backup feature of the VMAX® IP Plus and VMAX® A1 Plus allows users to quickly export bulks of footage using a small file download through the VMAX Web Viewer.

This article will outline how to install and use the Fast Backup feature to export footage through a web browser.

**Note:  It is recommended to use Internet Explorer when viewing live and previously recorded camera footage through a web interface.

**Note:  If you are using the Fast Backup feature over the Internet (outside of the LAN), the port forwarding of Ports 9050 – 9051 is required.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • VMAX® IP Plus Series
  • VMAX® A1 Plus Series

Installing the Fast Backup Application

To use the Fast Backup feature:

  1. Connect with your recording unit and log in as the Administrator or as an approved user.
  • Default User:  admin
  • Default Password:  <blank>
  1. After logging in, click on the Fast Backup button to download the Fast Backup application from the Web Viewer.

  1. Select the Open file option.

Next, open the FastBackup file to run the installation program.

  1. Click on the Run button to run the installation file.

Using Fast Backup

After installing the program, run the Fast Backup application again.

  1. Input the IP Address and Web Port number of your recording unit.
  1. Input your User ID and Password, then click the Connect button.
  1. Select the Date of the footage that you would like to export.

Designate the time window of the footage that you would like to export.

  1. Select which cameras you would like to export footage from.
  1. Select the file pathing for where you would like the backup file to be saved.
  1. Click the Download button to start your backup.

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