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Bandwidth Limit Error - VMAX IP Plus

Bandwidth Limit Error – VMAX® IP Plus


Affected Roles:  Administrator

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  August 7, 2020


Bandwidth Limitation

The Network Video Recorders (NVR) of the VMAX® IP Plus Series have a maximum throughput of 80 Mbps.  If you are receiving a “Bandwidth Limit Error” message on your VMAX® IP Plus, the total throughput of all cameras connected with your NVR is exceeding the 80 Mbps limit.  This may cause issues with capturing video within the system, camera connection errors, and other issues for the recording unit.

This article will outline how to adjust the bitrate for each connected camera through the user interface of the VMAX® IP Plus.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • VMAX® IP Plus Series

Checking Current Bandwidth

If you are currently logged into the VMAX® IP Plus, you can check the current bandwidth usage of the recording unit.

To do so:

  1. From the system’s Live View, right-click with the connected USB mouse and select System Status.

  1. Within the System Status window, locate Receive Data.

If the current bandwidth usage exceeds 80 Mbps, you will need to adjust the camera bitrate settings within the system to resolve your issue.

Adjusting Camera Bitrate Settings

To adjust the camera bitrate, perform the following directly at the VMAX IP® Plus recording unit:

  1. Log in to the NVR as the System Administrator.
    • Default ID:  Admin
    • Default Password:  <blank>
  1. Once logged in as the System Administrator, right-click with the connected USB mouse and select Menu.

Next, select the Record menu.

  1. From the Camera Management menu, click the Advanced toggle button.

In the Advanced Camera Management menu all connected cameras will be listed.  Click the Setup button to proceed with this guide.

  1. In the Add New IP Camera Manually window, click the Get Stream button.  The Rec. Stream and 2nd Stream information fields will fill.

Click the Setup button next to Rec. Stream.

  1. From the IP Camera Stream Setup window, locate the Bitrate field.

Use the drop-down to reduce the Bitrate setting.

  • Example:  Bitrate – 6000 à Bitrate – 3000

After adjusting the Bitrate, click the Apply button.

  1. Next, click the Setup button next to 2nd Stream.

Repeat Step 5.  Use the drop-down menu to reduce the Bitrate setting.

  • Example:  Bitrate – 3000 à Bitrate – 1000

After adjusting the Bitrate, click the Apply button.

  1. After adjusting the bitrates of the Rec. Stream and 2nd Stream, click the Close button to return to the Advanced Camera Management Menu.

Click the Setup button for the next camera in the Advanced Camera Management Menu and repeat Steps 4 – 6 for each connected camera until the Receive Data (from the Checking Current Bandwidth section above) reads as less than 80 Mbps.

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