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Motion Smart Search In DW Spectrum IPVMS

Motion Smart Search In DW Spectrum IPVMS


Affected Roles:  All Users

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum

Complexity:  Low

Software Version:  DW Spectrum v4.0.0.29990 or higher

Last Edit:  June 24, 2020


Motion Smart Search

DW Spectrum’s Motion Smart Search feature is a useful tool that allows users to rapidly search video archives to discover segments of saved footage.  Rather than having to review long lengths of archived footage to find a specific moment, Motion Smart Search narrows down the saved video to a specified area in the camera’s field of vision and highlights the discovered segments in the Timeline during playback.

This article will outline how to use the Motion Smart Search feature of DW Spectrum for faster footage acquisition.

Using Smart Search

To use the Motion Smart Search feature, you must be using a camera that supports motion recording (where both the primary and secondary video streams are active).

Note:  It is recommended that the secondary stream be set to a resolution of 704x480 or lower, with a frame rate no higher than 7 FPS.

If you are encountering issues with Motion Recording, check out Motion Recording Troubleshooting (DW Spectrum).

To use the Motion Smart Search feature:

  1. Select your desired camera to display.

Selecting from either the camera’s Image Controls toolbar or from the Notifications Panel, click on the Motion icon.

Alternatively, you can right-click in the camera window and select Show Motion/Smart Search.

  1. Upon activating Motion Smart Search, a grid will overlay the camera area.

Click-and-drag to highlight a specific motion area in the grid.

  1. DW Spectrum will display preview frames the system’s search results.

Additionally, in the Timeline, sections will be highlighted to indicate that motion was detected in the specified motion area.

Select from the previewed frames or click in the Timeline to begin playing the detected footage.

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