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Mounting A New Drive (Ubuntu/Linux)

Mounting A New Drive (Ubuntu/Linux)


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Complexity:  Medium to High

Last Edit:  September 22, 2020


Drive Setup

After adding a hard drive to a computer, the new storage device will need to be formatted and a new partition must be created before it can be utilized for storage by the computer.

This article will outline how to format and partition a new hard drive using an Ubuntu/Linux operating system.

Note:  Linux commands are case-sensitive.  Be mindful of the use of spaces, special characters, and capitalization.

Note:  For mounting a drive using a Windows OS, see the Disk Management section of Configuring RAID 5 Using LSI RAID Manager.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DW Blackjack® Series (Ubuntu/Linux)

Formatting and Partition Creation

After physically mounting the drive in the Ubuntu computer:

Stopping the DW Media Service

  1. If you have not already done so, power on the DW Blackjack® (Ubuntu) unit and allow the system to boot to the desktop.
  1. Open the Terminal program (CTRL + ALT + T).

Type the command “sudo su”, then press the Enter key to gain root access as an administrator.

When prompted, enter the default password of “admin”, then press the Enter key.

Note:  When typing the password, be aware that text will not display.

  1. After gaining administrator access, stop the DW Media Service.

To stop the DW Media Service, type “service digitalwatchdog-mediaserver stop” into the Terminal program, then press the Enter key.

Formatting the Drive

  1. After stopping the DW Media Service, open the Unity launcher.  This icon is located in the left panel of the desktop, by default.

Using the Unity program, search for “Disks”, then launch the Disks tool.

  1. Select the target drive, then click on the Gears icon and prompt the formatting process.

When prompted, enter the system’s Administrator password and click on Authenticate.

    1. Default Password:  admin

Note:  Formatting the hard drive will completely erase all stored data on the specified drive.  This should not be an issue as this is a new drive.

Creating A New Partition

  1. The GPT Partition Table will now be created and unallocated.

To create a new partition, click on the + icon.

  1. The Create Partition window will display.

In the Name box, name the partition as “home1” (case sensitive), then click the Create button.

  1. Click on the Gears icon again, then select Edit Mount Options.

The Mount Options window will display.

Toggle OFF the Automatic Mount Options setting.

Configure the following settings:

  1. Mount Options – enable Mount at startup
  2. (below Symbolic Icon Name)nosuid,nodev,nofail
  3. Mount Point/home1
  4. Identify AsLABEL=home1
  5. Filesystem Typeauto

Once configured (see image below), click the OK button.

  1. Click the Play button to mount the drive.

  1. Start the DW Media Service.

To do so, type “service digitalwatchdog-mediaserver start” into the Terminal program, then press the Enter key.

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