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Blackjack fsck Boot Error (Ubuntu/Linux)

Blackjack fsck Boot Error (Ubuntu/Linux)


Affected Roles:  Owner, Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum

Complexity:  Medium to high

Last Edit:  April 29, 2020


File System Consistency Check (fsck)

If your DW Blackjack (Ubuntu/Linux) NVR is not booting correctly, and you are seeing an error message denoting “The root filesystem on --- requires a manual fsck”, the operating system will require you to run a system check to identify and to possibly repair the damaged files.

The fsck (File System Consistency Check) command checks the file consistency of the Ubuntu operating system, similar to the CHKDSK command for Windows.

This article will outline how to run the fsck command.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DW Blackjack Series (Ubuntu/Linux)


Normally, the fsck command will run automatically during the boot process of the system, however when encountering this issue, you will need to manually run the command.

When encountering the error screen, the affected physical volume of the system is denoted.  In the above example, sda3 has encountered an inconsistency, prompting the error “The root filesystem on /dev/sda3 requires a manual fsck”.

To resolve the issue:

  1. The system’s command prompt should allow you to type.
    • Command:  fsck -f /dev/<volume>

When entering the command, actually denote the volume. For example (for the above image), you would type fsck -f /dev/sda3, then press the Enter key.

  1. The system will prompt you to confirm the process.

Press the Y key, then press the Enter key.  Allow the consistency check to complete.

  1. Once the check has been completed, type reboot into the command prompt, then press the Enter key.

The Blackjack NVR will reboot to the OS normally.

Note:  If the issue persists, please contact Digital Watchdog Technical Support for further assistance.

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  • 29-Apr-2020