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Adding and Removing Sites in Pivot CMS

Adding and Removing Sites in Pivot CMS


Affected Roles:  Administrator, All Users

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  Pivot CMS

Complexity:  Low

Software Version:  Pivot v1.1.1.1

Last Edit:  April 14, 2020


Pivot CMS Sites

When using Pivot CMS, each connection to your recording device requires the network and login information to stream video from the recorder.  Users will need to create Sites to enable the ability to connect and monitor devices from a personal computer.  Once a connection is established through a Site, depending on their assigned permissions, users may monitor live camera video, playback previously recorded footage, export footage, and upgrade firmware (depending on the recorder model) through Pivot CMS.

This article will outline how to create or to delete a new Site in the Pivot CMS application.

Note:  Pivot CMS is only compatible with Windows operating systems.  If you have yet to install the Pivot CMS application, please read the installation section of Clean Reinstalling Pivot CMS (Windows).

Supported/Affected Devices

  • VMAX Series (Legacy)
  • VMAX Flex Series
  • VMAX 480 Series
  • VMAX 960H Series
  • VMAX A1 Series (2.1 MP)
  • VMAX IP Plus Series

Adding A Site

When creating a new Site in Pivot CMS, the connection with the recording unit will rely on network communication between your computer and the DVR/NVR.  If you have yet to set up the network configuration for your standalone recording unit, take the time to do so now.

If needed, you may read the following support articles for guidance:

To add a new Site to Pivot CMS:

  1. Launch the Pivot application, then log in as the Administrator.

The login for the Pivot CMS program is created when launching Pivot CMS for the first time, after installation.

  1. Right-click in the Sites List, then select Add Site.

Alternatively, you can click the Setup tab, then click CMS Setup.  Click the Add button.


  1. The Registration window will display.

Enter a Name for the Site.

Select the correct Model of your recording unit.

Note:  For this guide, we will use the VMAX A1 Demo as an example.

  1. Enter the IP Address or URL of the recording unit.

Enter the TCP/IP Port and Web Port of the recording unit.  This information can be found in the Network menu of the DVR/NVR.

Note:  The VMAX A1 and VMAX 960H Core only use a single port (Network Port) to communicate.  Pivot CMS will automatically disable the Web Port box upon selecting one of these two models.

Note:  The VMAX Series (Legacy) uses three ports.  Use its TCP/IP Port and Web Port settings for use with Pivot CMS.

  1. Enter the ID and Password of the DVR/NVR.  This is the login information that you use to access the recording unit.
  • Default User ID:  admin
  • Default Password:  --- (blank)

Enter the Channels that you will be viewing.  For example, for a 16-channel DVR, use 1-16 to view channels one through sixteen.

Click the OK button to proceed.

  1. The Site will now display in the Sites List.

To use the Site, you may either use the connection options in the toolbar under the Main tab.  Alternatively, you may right-click on the Site and select your connection option.

Note:  If you must adjust a setting for the Site, use Edit Site to reopen the Registration window.

Removing A Site

To delete a Site from Pivot CMS:

  1. Click the Setup tab, then click CMS Setup.
  1. Click in the Checkbox next to the Site that you are deleting.

Click the Remove button to delete the selected Site.

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