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Flowchart: Troubleshooting PTZ20x Controls

Flowchart:  Troubleshooting PTZ20x Controls


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Installer

Complexity:  Medium to High

Last Edit:  March 25, 2020


PTZ Communication Issues

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras allow users to survey a wider area by using the motorized functions of the DWC-PTZ20x analog camera.  However, when first installing the PTZ camera or when adding a camera, communication issues between the DVR and the camera may occur.  These issues are usually caused by:

  • Conflicting Camera IDs
  • Cable Run Issues
  • Software or Hardware Issues

If you suspect that the DWC-PTZ20x is not responding to PTZ commands from the recording unit, the firmware for the DVR is up to date, and you have confirmed that the camera powers and displays video, please use the following flowchart to troubleshoot prior to contacting Technical Support for assistance.

Supported/Affected Devices

  • DWC-PTZ20x
  • VMAX A1 Series (2.1 MP)


Use the following flowchart to troubleshoot recording issues with DW Spectrum.

If you make a mistake, click on the back arrow (to the left of the flowchart) to go back to your previous option in the flowchart.

Note:  It is recommended to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use the flowchart.

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