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07/10/2018 - Release Notes - DW Spectrum IPVMS Software Update v3.2

DW Spectrum v3.2 Release Notes


Affected Roles:  All Users

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum

Last Edit:  July 10, 2018


New Features:
•In-camera analytics support - Users can now use in-camera analytics events when creating rules in the rules engine for DW®, Axis and Hikvision cameras.
•Enhanced export - Completely redesigned video export interface with the ability to burn in watermark logos during the export process.
•Custom camera logical ID - Users can assign a custom logical ID in the camera settings dialog to create an alias for the camera ID in server API calls.
•Archive integrity check - Users will receive a notification when viewing any archive which has been modified manually (files moved or deleted in storage archive).
•Export bookmarks from timeline - a button has been added to allow users to export bookmarks directly from the timeline.
•Contextual help - A fully revamped version of the help manual.
•Bitrate throttling - Added the ability to change image resolution and adjust bitrate (fine tuning) for Axis, Acti, Hikvision, and ONVIF devices.


New Device Support:
•New device support for:
     *Axis Q6214, M5054, D2050, Q6124, M5054, D2050, P1367, P1368, F40-Q1765, XF60-Q1765, P40-Q1765, F34, FA54, M5525, Q8742, P1275, Q8741, FA1105, FA4115, P1245, P1265, F1004, M3048, F8804, P3375, F4005, F1025, F1005, Q3517, Q8685, P3374, FA1125, F1015, F1035, Q3504, Q8642, Q8641, XF60-Q2901, XP40-Q1942, XF40-Q2901,P1447, Q3515, P1447, Q3515, M5065, M3058, M3015, P1290, Q6125, M3057, Q1645, Q1647, M5055, M3016, P1280.
     *Axis F44 encoder
     *Arecont Vision AV08ZMD-300,AV02CID-100,AV05CID-100, AV02CMB-100, AV05CMB-100, AV02CLB-100, AV05CLB-100, AV02CLD-100, AV05CLD-100, AV08CPD-118, AV20CPD-118
     *Hikvision DS-7216, DS-2DF6223-CX
     *Hikvision 6704 encoder

•2-way audio support for:
     *ONVIF devices
     *Sony SNC-CX600,SNC-VM600, SNC-VM630, SNC-VM641, SNC-VB632, SNC-VB642, SNC-WR632, SNC-WR602, SNC-WR630, SNC-EM641
     *DW® camera line
•Advanced PTZ support for:
     *UNIVIEW IPC6253SR-X33
     *Securicorp SCL-SDM03MVIR-WD3533X
     *DS-2DF8436IX-AELW, DS-2DF8236IZ-AEL, DS-2DE4220W, DS-2DE4220IW, DS-2DE7330IW-AE,DS-2DP1636ZIX-D/236
     *Vista VK2-HD30-PM
•Analog encoder licenses support added for:
     *Acti V23
     *UNIVEW NVR302-16S-P16, NVR302-08S-P8
     *Sony SNT-EX104, SNT-EX154, SNT-EP154
     *Dahua DHI-HCVR7108H-V2, DHI-HCVR7108H-S2
•Input/output fixes for:
     *Hikvision DS-2DE4A220IW-DE, DS-2CD2522FWD,DS-2CD2142FWD and OEM’ed versions
•Ability to change image resolution and adjust bitrate (fine tuning) added for:
     *ONVIF cameras
•H.265 support for DWC-MTT4Wi36.
•G.726 audio playback support.
•G.726 and G711 audio export to mp4 support.
•FPS limit increased to 10 for Arecont Vision AV12275 and AV12276 cameras.
•DWC-PVX16W, DWC-PVX16W4, DWC-PVX16W6, DWC-PVX16W28, DWC-PZ21M69T multi-sensor cameras now have stitched view.
•DW® MEGApix® CaaS™ edge camera support.

•Redesigned video export.
•Vulnerability fixes.
•EULA fixes in Windows® installer and server web page.
•If EULA is updated, it is shown once on client launch and needs to be accepted.
•Added ability to import missing archive video from Lillin cameras internal storage.
•Cloud beta warning has been removed from the system administration dialog.
•Events are split into groups in the event rules dialog.
•Added context menu for all local system tiles on welcome page.
•Improved timeline behavior when motion search is activated.
•Separated “web page” tab in “camera settings” -> “advanced” dialog.
•Automatic database backup is performed prior to systems merge.
•If multiple cameras do not support chosen event, warning message is displayed.
•“Export bookmark” button on the timeline.
•Improved support for multi-sensor cameras (by UI and license).
•Screen recording is disabled for users without export archive permission.
•Checkbox “Launch video wall when Windows® starts” is set by default now.
•“Do HTTP Request” action improvements: multiple methods are supported (POST, GET, DELETE etc).
•USB storage support (USB storage is not enabled by default but can be enabled with a parameter in the configuration file).
•ONVIF is automatically enabled for Hikvision cameras with firmware 5.5 and newer.
•Increased default secondary stream quality.
•“Do HTTP Request” action improvements: now user can specify request and authorization type manually.
•“Make showreel” was moved to the separated block between “Save Layout As” and “Delete” in the context menu.
•Timemaker behavior UX improvements. Now its movements are more predictable.
•Playback state, speed, position, and rotation are now saved when a camera is opened in a new tab.
•Added default cameras sorting in “Add Camera” dialog.
•Changed text on “Time synchronization” tab.
•Increased default FPS for “Camera Settings” -> “Recording”.
•Increased max value for “Camera Settings” -> “Recording” -> “Max Days”.
•Adaptive scaling was improved.
•Image quality (High/Low) can be forced and saved separately for any video on a layout.
•Compression factors for Arecont Vision are tuned. FPS counter should be just as configured in camera settings.
•Audio output over RTSP support for DW® cameras.
•“Camera recording” action in event rules now has 9999 seconds limit instead of 3600.
•Improved context help.
•”Local files” are no longer automatically expanded in the Resource Tree.
•An administrator fetched by LDAP can now modify LDAP settings and fetch users.


•“Delete layout tour” has been renamed to “Delete Showreel”.
•“Showreel cycle” has been renamed to “Tour Cycle”.

•Improved timeline on web client for retina displays.
•Improved marker fade animation when timeline panel is hidden.
•Memory leaks in the client on Mac OS High Sierra. Fixed.
•Several interface windows were always “on top” in Mac OS X. Fixed.
•“User Settings” window appeared below “System Administration” dialog in Mac OS X. Fixed.
•Mouse cursor hover stops working in some cases. Fixed.
•Incorrect message if “Show bookmarks” is enabled. Fixed.
•Animation of the time marker for NOV files is not smooth. Fixed.
•Windows® 7
•Windows® 8
•Windows® 8.1
•Windows® 10
•Windows® Server 2008
•Windows® Server 2008 R2
•Windows® Server 2012
•Windows® Server 2012 R2
•Windows® Server 2016 v1607
•Windows® 10 Enterprise
•Ubuntu® 14.04 LTS
•Ubuntu® 16.04 LTS
•OSX 10.11: “El Capitan”
•OSX 10.12: “Sierra”
•OSX 10.13: “High Sierra”
•Raspberry PI 3 Model B Vi. 2 Kernel version 4.14 (Linux 9.4 (stretch))
•Raspberry PI 3 Model B Vi. 2 Kernel version 4.9 (Linux 8.0 (jessie))
•Banana Pi BPI-M1/BPI-M1+ Kernel version 3.4 (Linux 8.0 (jessie))


POTENTIAL ISSUES (please pay attention while testing):
•UI elements issues.
•Cloud connection issues.

•DW® Analytics.
     *Events do not work if VCA and MD events are enabled simultaneously.
     *Need to wait for two minutes after an event is enabled on the camera’s web page.
     *Events work for all zones but do not work for a specific zone.
     *Events stop working if camera CPU is more than 80%.
•DW® DWC-MTT Analytics:
     *Some events do not work simultaneously on DWC-MTT series cameras.
     *Camera sends spurious notifications for some events when settings are changed.
•Axis analytics. If Axis people counter is enabled on Axis camera, auto and manual discovery do not work in the software. Camera issue.
•Recorded G.726 audio with 16 Kbit bitrate is not played in archive.
•Export H.265 to .avi is not supported.


Recommended Upgrade Path:
•From any 3.0.0 builds: In-client upgrade to 3.2 or fresh install.
•From earlier than 3.0.0: Upgrade to first or do fresh install.
     *Important: Re-index the database after upgrading to 3.2.0.
     *Always backup the database and license key information before upgrading to newer build or version.


In-Client Upgrade Information:
•Build Number: 20806
•Password: payht7


OS Supported - Media Server:
•Windows®: 7 Standard, 7 Pro, 7 Ultimate, 8/8.1 Pro, 8.1 Enterprise, 10 Pro/Enterprise, 10 IOT.
•Windows® Servers1: any versions of 2008, any versions of 2008 R2, any versions of Server 2012, any versions of Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016(v1607) (1except Storage Server version).
•Linux®: Ubuntu® 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu® 16.04 LTS.
     * Important: OS not listed will not be supported by DW® Tech Support.

OS Supported - Client:
•Windows®: 7 Home, 7 Standard, 7 Pro, 7 Ultimate, 8/8.1 Standard, 8/8.1 Pro, 8.1 Enterprise, 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise1
•Windows® Servers*: any versions of 2008, any versions of 2008 R2, any versions of Server 2012, any versions of Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 (v1607) (*except Storage Server version).
•Linux®: Ubuntu® 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu® 16.04 LTS.
•Mac®: OSX 10.11, OSX 10.12. OSX 10.13
     * For Windows 10, 6th Generation Intel i5/i7 processors with 16GB RAM and video card with 1GB or higher RAM is recommended.
     * Important: OS not listed will not be supported by DW® Tech Support.


Mobile App:
•DW Mobile™ App (Cloud connection will be available in future release).
•DW Spectrum® Moebil App 18.x.x.
•DW Site Viewer™ App for Apple TV.
Unsupported Blackjack® Server:
•Blackjack® Blade™ (Ubuntu® 12.04).


Website Download:
Click here to download all files from the website.

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