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Using DW IP Finder for Bulk IP Assignment to DW MEGApix IP Cameras

How To Use DW IP Finder For Bulk IP Assignment

Affected Roles: Administrator, Owner
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: DW Spectrum IPVMS, DW IP Finder
Complexity:  Medium

Software Version: IP Finder v4.4.15 and newer

Last Update: November 8, 2022


Bulk IP Address Assignment

Adding cameras can be a time consuming process, especially if the cameras need to be assigned to an IP address scheme that differs from the default settings.  DW IP Finder simplifies this process with a Bulk IP Assignment feature that allows administrators to change the IP address of several DW MEGApix IP cameras all at once.

This article will outline how to use the DW IP Finder tool to locate locally connected DW MEGApix IP cameras and to simultaneously assign IP addresses to multiple cameras as a group.

**NOTE:  Please be aware that DW IP Finder is a proprietary software and will only be able to find Digital Watchdog brand IP cameras and recorders.

**NOTE:  Use of a VPN, SonicWall, or a corporate Firewall may interfere with DW IP Finder’s detection capabilities. Please work with your IT representative if such issues arise.

Supported / Affected Devices:

  • DW Blackjack® Server Series
  • DW MEGApix® IP Camera Series

Using Bulk IP Assignment:

DW IP Finder comes pre-installed with DW Blackjack Server deployments. However, if you need to update or install the DW IP Finder program, you can acquire the latest version by clicking on the Downloads tab on the DW IP Finder product page.

To use Bulk IP Assignment and assign multiple IP addresses using DW IP Finder:

  1. With a computer that is locally connected to the camera network, launch the DW IP Finder application.

  1. Since we are changing the IP Address setting of the cameras, enter the administrator login for the cameras in the bottom-left of DW IP Finder.

Set the Network setting to the NIC (network interface card) that is connected to the camera network, then click the Scan Devices button.

  1. DW IP Finder will display the detected DW devices.

Check each checkbox that appears beside each camera that you wish to use Bulk IP Assignment on.

When ready, click the Bulk IP Assignment button.

  1. The Bulk IP Assignment window will display.

Configure the following:

  • Start / End – set the IP Address Range of the desired IP addresses to apply to the cameras. The quantity of IP addresses between the Start Range and End Range must be equivalent to the number of devices that will be assigned.  For example, selecting an address range of – is the equivalent of four (4) devices.
  • Netmask – create a subnet mask for the camera if needed. Otherwise, the default setting ( is acceptable.
  • Gateway – enter the IP address of the DHCP router or PoE switch that manages the camera network. For example, if a router is assigning IP addresses of “192.168.150.x” to its cameras, then the Gateway address of the router is likely to be “”.
  • Username / Password – in the Camera Account area, enter the administrator login for the camera.

Click the Assign button when ready to have DW IP Finder apply the changes.

**NOTE: You can click the “Arp Table” button to see a list of all occupied IP addresses within the network.If there is a conflict with another device that is already assigned to one of the IP addresses that falls under the IP Address Range, DW IP Finder will inform you as so.

  1. The Status column will display the progress of the Bulk IP Assignment.

Repeat this process as needed. 

You may proceed with adding the cameras to your DW Spectrum Server or NVR.

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