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Signing Up for DW University

Signing Up for DW University


Affected Roles:  All Users

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Last Edit:  November 11, 2021


DW University Online Learning

The DW University online learning program is available to any users that would like to familiarize themselves with the DW Spectrum desktop software or to access other related training programs.

This article will outline how to create a new account for DW University and how to get started with the first lesson module of the DW Spectrum training.

**NOTE:  User accounts are limited to one email address per account.  Please be aware that DW University program requires a one-time payment ($129) to purchase the lesson modules.

**DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware that if an account is not accessed within 90-days of its last use, the profile will lock in the LMS platform.  In this event, you may request for a profile to be reactivated as needed.

Signing Up for DW University

To create a new account for DW University:

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to or click on the “University” tab from the Digital Watchdog’s main website.

  1. Once you are on the DW University landing page, click on the “Sign Up” tab to create a new user account.

A sign up window will display. Complete the following information for the new user:

  • First Name – enter the first name of the user
  • Last Name – enter the last name (surname) of the user
  • Email Address – enter the email address that this account will be registered to
  • Username – create a username to identify the user account; this may also be used for logging in to DW University instead of using an email address
  • Password – create a password to secure the user account; it is recommended to use at least 8 characters, a variety of capital and lowercase alpha-numeric characters (abc123), and special characters ([email protected]#).
  • Company Name – enter the security company that you are representing
  • Street Address, City, etc. – enter the mailing address of the security company that you are representing
  • Title – enter your company title or affiliation (Manager, Installer, etc.)
  • Mobile Phone – enter a phone number for the representative of the new user account. This information will be used to verify course certifications when calling in through the Certified Dealer Queue

Once you have completed the form, click the “Create account” button.

  1. An email will be sent to the email address that was provided on the DW University registration form. Open the confirmation email and click on the “Confirm your account” link.

  1. After confirming the account, a new browser tab will open and display the DW University Home Page.

From the Home Page, the user will see all of the course modules that they have registered for. The DW University Overview is automatically added to the account.

To add course modules, click on the “Course Catalog” tile.

  1. In the Course Catalog, training modules can be added to the user account.

The first module for the DW Spectrum training course requires a one-time payment ($129) before it can be added to the user account. To make the payment and begin the training course, click on the “Subscribe” button.

To add the remaining DW Spectrum training course modules, click on the “Get this course’ button for each module that will be added to the user account.

  1. After making your payment and adding the DW Spectrum lesson modules to the account, you may begin your journey through DW University.

Each training module will finish with a quiz and additional exercises to practice and test your knowledge. To find the Training Lab exercises, you must be presently viewing the relevant training module. Hover over “Files” in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select the file(s) that you would like to download.

Please be aware that DW University participants will be unable to progress to the next training lesson module until the quiz at the end of the preceding module has been completed.

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