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Installing the MEGApix Flex with a Mounting Bracket

DWC-PVX16W Installation Guide


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS

Complexity:  Medium to High

Firmware Version: vS2.2.1_20210319 or newer

Last Edit:  February 3, 2022


MEGApix® Flex™ Multi-Sensor IP Panoramic Dome Camera

The MEGApix® Flex™ (DWC-PVX16W) camera features four (4) individual 4 MP CMOS sensors that can be set up to offer a 180°~360° panoramic view over an area.  When installing this camera, it is recommended to occupy all four (4) of the Sensor Module Base Guides, especially for Channel-1.  If a Sensor Module fails or is not connected to the Channel-1 Base Guide, the camera may experience operational issues and video issues.

This article will outline how to assemble the lens Sensor Modules and how to mount the camera using a mounting bracket.

**NOTE:  For more detailed instructions, please refer to the MEGApix® Flex™ Quick Setup Guide or User Manual.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • MEGApix® Flex™ Series (DWC-PVX16W)

Camera Mounting Guidelines

When planning to install a MEGApix Flex panoramic camera, it is wise to consider the lens module angle, lens size, and the height of the mounting point.

To achieve a 360° view for the camera, the recommended installation height for the camera is relative to the size of the lenses. Because larger lens sizes create a more magnified/zoomed-in view, a larger lens size means the camera must be installed up higher to achieve a the same FOV width as if it were using a smaller lens size.

Use the table below for reference:

Lens Model #

Lens Size

Recommended Height



12 ft ~ 14 ft



16 ft ~ 18 ft



20 ft ~ 22 ft



24 ft ~ 26 ft

Image: The image above is representative of a DWC-PVX16W camera that was mounted at a height of 7 feet from the ground. Note that the larger lens sizes result in a more magnified image.

Installing Sensor Modules to Camera

When adding Sensor Modules to the MEGApix® Flex™, it is important that the camera uses all four (4) Sensor Module connections.  Using fewer lenses can compromise the camera’s operation, creating issues with installing firmware updates or streaming issues.

**NOTE:  The Channel-1 Base Guide must have a Sensor Module Block installed at all times for the camera to operate.  If there is no lens detected for the camera’s Channel-1 connection, the camera will not stream video.

Assembling the Module Block

The MEGApix® Flex™ panoramic camera can be customized to use up to four (4) fixed lenses (2.8mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm, or 8.0mm) to create up to a 360° panoramic view (depending on how the lens modules are positioned).

To assemble Sensor Modules for the MEGApix® Flex™:

  1. Using the provided star wrench, remove the four (4) screws that secure camera’s dome cover to the rest of the camera body.

Remove the camera’s dome cover and align the four (4) bolts and the arrow of the Sensor Module Block to match the guide points of the Base Guide.

  1. Insert the Sensor Module Block to the base guide, making sure to securely seat the Sensor Module into the Base Guide.

Repeat this as necessary until all four (4) Base Guides are each occupied by a lens Sensor Module Block.

**NOTE:  The Channel-1 Base Guide must have a Sensor Module Block installed at all times for the camera to operate.  If there is no lens detected for the camera’s Channel-1 connection, the camera will not stream video.

  1. Each Base Guide is affixed to a magnetic track.

Align each of the modules so that each lens is directed to point outward from the middle of the camera to create maximum area coverage.

DO NOT tilt the lens angle at more than a 60° angle to avoid creating critical image distortion and focus issues.

  1. After connecting and aligning the camera’s lens modules, reattach the camera’s dome cover and secure the dome cover using the four ( screws and the provided star wrench.  If you are using an older mounting bracket model

Using a Camera Mounting Bracket

The MEGApix® Flex™ hardware accessories include mounting brackets that can have a camera attached and secured with only a few steps. Most cameras can be installed by affixing the camera directly to the ceiling or wall using the provided template and screws.  However if you require some guidance with using the mounting bracket, you may use the instructions below.

**NOTE:  If your mounting bracket does not have a safety wire for the camera or does not have grooves to lock the camera to the mount, you may be using an older bracket model.

To mount the DWC-PVX16W using a mounting bracket:

  1. Prepare the mounting surface by using the Mounting Template Sheet that was included with the camera, mark and drill the necessary pilot holes into the mounting surface for the mounting screws.

Additionally, mark and drill another hole into the mounting surface through which the camera’s cable connections can be made.

  1. Pass all necessary cables through the mounting bracket and secure the mounting bracket to the mounting surface using the included screws.
  1. Attach the camera to the safety wire of the mounting bracket.

Make all necessary cable connections (i.e. power, network connection, etc.) for the camera.

Once all cables are connected, align the wedge (on the side of the camera) with the wedge on the mounting bracket then rotate the camera clockwise to lock the camera in position and to secure it to the mounting bracket.

**NOTE:  If you are using an older mounting bracket model that does not feature the wedge-lock, secure the camera to the mounting bracket using the included mounting screws.

  1. If the camera’s lens Sensor Modules must be adjusted to create a better view, the camera’s dome cover can be removed while the camera is still mounted.  Please take care whenever handling camera lenses, interior hardware, or dome covers.

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