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Deleting a RAID Array in MegaRAID WebBIOS

How to Delete a RAID Array in MegaRAID WebBIOS


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Complexity:  Medium

Last Edit:  February 12, 2021



In most circumstances, deleting a virtual drive through the LSI RAID Manager application is a simple process on DW Blackjack® Servers.  However, in the circumstances where issues with the RAID configuration is interfering with the OS boot process, users may be prevented from accessing the system to delete the array.  The resolution to this would be to instead access the system’s MegaRAID WebBIOS to delete the virtual drive.

This article will outline how to delete a RAID array using MegaRAID BIOS on a DW Blackjack® Server (Windows).

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • DW Blackjack® Server Series

Deleting the Array in MegaRAID WebBIOS

To delete a RAID array in MegaRAID WebBIOS:

  1. Power-cycle the server.

As the server boots up, LSI RAID Manager will prompt you to use the keyboard to access the WebBIOS.  Press CTRL+H on the keyboard when prompted.

  1. Select the RAID Card and click the Start button.

  1. Navigate to the Physical View menu.
  1. Right-click on the RAID5 Array or RAID6 Array (depends on your build).

The MegaRAID BIOS Config Utility will display.  Under the Operations section, select Delete and press the Go button.

**NOTE:  RAID1 refers to your OS mirror.  Do not delete this array unless you intend to specifically delete the RAID copy of your operating system.

  1. The selected array will be deleted.  You may now re-create your virtual drive.
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