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CaaS (Camera as a System) Limitations

CaaS™ (Camera as a System) Limitations


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS (Edge)

Last Edit:  February 11, 2021


MEGApix® Caas™ Camera Series

DW’s Camera as a System (CaaS) Edge solutions allow users to set up a complete single-site or multi-site surveillance system with no dedicated server or NVR in place.

MEGApix® CaaS™ cameras are a unique item in the Digital Watchdog lineup, as they operate as surveillance cameras and as self-contained servers.  Each CaaS™ camera utilizes an Edge version of the DW Spectrum® IPVMS software and can be viewed and managed using an instance of DW Spectrum® Client from a computer or through the camera’s web client.  However, there are limitations to what a CaaS™ camera can be used for.

This article will outline the limits of MEGApix® CaaS™ cameras when acting as Edge Servers.

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • MEGApix® CaaS™ Camera Series

CaaS™ and Standard DW Spectrum® Servers

The standard DW Spectrum® IPVMS platform is typically comprised of a Server and a Client.  The Server is responsible for storing video recordings and facilitating system activity, while the Client is responsible for allowing users to view camera video and manage the devices within the system.

In comparison, each CaaS™ camera contains the camera firmware for standard camera operation and an Edge version of DW Spectrum® Server.  Use of the DW Spectrum® Client must be performed from a separate computer.

In some circumstances, it may be desired to have the camera record to itself on its own Edge Server, while also recording to an instance of the DW Spectrum® Server software like a regular IP camera.  This is not supported or advised, as it can overwork the processor of the camera.

In this scenario the CaaS™ camera can be used as either an Edge Server or as a regular IP camera, but not as both.  You will need to disable the DW Spectrum® Edge feature in the camera’s web client if you are trying to add the CaaS™ camera to a DW Spectrum System comprised of desktop Servers or rack mounted Servers.

CaaS™ and Merging Systems

DW Spectrum® Servers can be virtually merged together into a single DW Spectrum® System through network connections and can be managed with an instance of the DW Spectrum® Client software.  Similarly, MEGApix® CaaS™ cameras can be merged with up to 30 other CaaS™ cameras.

However, please be aware that CaaS™ cameras should not be merged with regular DW Spectrum® Servers as when Servers are integrated into a System, they take on the shared work and CaaS™ cameras are not able to keep up with standard Servers.

**NOTE:  Use of the DW Spectrum® Client software to view and manage systems of CaaS™ cameras from a computer is permissible as long the CaaS™ cameras are part of a Spectrum® System only containing CaaS™ cameras and no DW Spectrum® Servers.

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  • 11-Feb-2021