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Storage Backup

Storage Backup

What is Storage Backup?

Storage backup is to help the user duplicate the footage in storage, and save the duplicated footage to other available locations, which can be local HDDs, NAS, IPSAN or DAS.

DW Spectrum provides the ability to make the storage redundant. That means, even if the server the recording is performed on, goes offline, the archive will still be available. This is especially useful in multi-server environments.

To enable Storage Backup

  • Click Backup Archive From to select Cameras to backup footage from. By default all devices are being backed up.
  • Click Backup Quality to select specific streams (Hi-res or Low-res).
  • Repeat the above steps on remaining servers.

 Backup Options:

  • Real-Time– backup will be performed immediately: the footage will be written to both the main and the backup immediately and simultaneously. Previous data before this option will not be backed up.
  • By Schedule– backup will be performed on specific days of the week and hours. The footage will be backed up from the latest backup (or from the beginning if this is the first time backup occurs). 
  • On Demand– backup occurs only if the user presses the Start Backup Now and continues until completion (that means all previous data is already backed up) or until it's canceled. The data before you trigger this request will be backed up as well.

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  • 29-Mar-2019