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Applying DW Spectrum v4.1 DLL Plugin for MEGApix IVA/IVA+ Cameras (Windows)

How to Apply DW Spectrum v4.1 DLL Plugin for MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ Cameras (Windows)


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS (Windows)

Complexity:  Low

Software Version:  DW Spectrum IPVMS® v4.1.0.31401 or newer

Last Edit:  September 28, 2021


Upgrade to IVA+™

Digital Watchdog’s MEGApix® IVA+™ (Intelligent Video Analytics) IP Camera Series comes preloaded with robust video analytic tools, ready for use upon installation.  However, in order to utilize these intelligent features, a plugin must be added to DW Spectrum® Servers first.

This article will outline how to add the analytic plugin to the Windows version of the DW Spectrum® IPVMS platform.

**NOTE:  If you are using a “headless server”, such as a DW Blackjack® Mini, the DW Spectrum® ARM firmware is presently not compatible with the IVA analytics function.

**IMPORTANT:  If this plugin is being applied to a merged DW Spectrum System, you will need to add the .dll plugin to each server that is part of the merged array.

Additional Resources

**NOTE:  DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.2 and newer, the IVA™ plugin is included in the DW Spectrum® Server software. 

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • DW Blackjack® Servers (Windows)
  • MEGApix® IVA/IVA+™ Camera Series

Analytic Options

The MEGApix® IVA™ and MEGApix® IVA+™ models feature analytic features that can be used to detect when people cross into a designated area, keep count of how many times a drawn line is crossed, and more.

It is worth knowing the difference between the IVA™ and IVA+™ options.  Cameras can be purchased pre-loaded with options of either IVA™ or IVA+™. 

The difference between the two options has to do with the types of analytic events that can be used.

See the table below for the difference between IVA™ and IVA+™.

Applying DW Spectrum® 4.1 DLL Plugin

To add the DW Spectrum® 4.1 DLL plugin file to DW Spectrum® IPVMS (Windows):

  1. Download the Spectrum 4.1 DLL plugin file to your computer.

The file can be found from the DW Spectrum IPVMS product page.  Select the “Software” tab, then select the “Plug-in” category. 

  1. Right-click on the DW icon in the Windows Service Tray (on the Taskbar) and Stop the DW Spectrum® mediaserver service.

  1. Copy the file to the DW Spectrum plugins folder.
    • The plugins folder can be found in C:\Program Files\Digital Watchdog\DW Spectrum\MediaServer\plugins

  1. After copying the Spectrum 1 DLL plugin file to the plugins folder, right-click on the DW icon in the Windows Service Tray (on the Taskbar) and Start the DW Spectrum® mediaserver service again.

You can check that the plugin was added successfully by opening the Camera Settings menu of the IVA/IVA+ camera, then selecting the Plugins tab.

This completes the upgrade process for IVA™ support for DW Spectrum® IPVMS.

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  • 28-Sep-2021