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Using a NightWatch Illuminator with DW Spectrum IPVMS

Using a NightWatch™ Illuminator with DW Spectrum® IPVMS


Affected Roles:  Administrator, Owner

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum IPVMS

Complexity:  Medium

Software Version:  DW Spectrum v4.2 and newer

Last Edit:  January 20, 2022


NightWatch™ Illuminators

The NightWatch Illuminator Series is an ideal solution for any camera installation that requires additional, external lighting.  As PoE-powered network devices, NightWatch Illuminators can be fully integrated with a DW Spectrum System to where users can communicate and manage the illuminators from the comfort of their DW Spectrum Client desktop application.

Using the HTTP Request-as-an-Action feature, an Event Rule (motion detection, generic event, etc.) can be created within the DW Spectrum System and assigned to use the HTTP Request-as-an-Action commands to create a functional system that will activate a NightWatch Illuminator when the event rule is triggered.

This article will outline how to set up an example Event Rule in the DW Spectrum Client in order to apply an HTTP-Request-as-an-Action.

**NOTE:  A unique Event Rule will need to be created for each unique HTTP action, defined in each separate NightWatch Illuminator.

NightWatch Default Web Login Settings

The NightWatch Illuminators will use the following settings by default:

  • Default IP Address –
  • Default Username – the Username of the NightWatch Illuminator is created when connecting to the illuminator’s web interface for the first time
  • Default Password – the Password of the NightWatch Illuminator is created when connecting to the illuminator’s web interface for the first time

Supported/Affected Devices:

  • NightWatch IR and White Light LED Illuminator (DW-ILHYBIP940, DW-ILHYBIP850)
  • NightWatch IR LED PoE+ Illuminator (DW-ILIRIP940, DW-ILIRIP850)
  • NightWatch White Light LED PoE+ Illuminator (DW-ILWLIPM)

Setting Up a DW Spectrum Event Rule

The NightWatch Illuminator should be properly powered (please refer to your NightWatch Illuminator User Manual) and connected to the local network in order to communicate with the DW Spectrum System and its affiliated DW Spectrum Servers.

To set up an Event Rule in the DW Spectrum Client:

  1. In the DW Spectrum Client, right-click on the target camera in the Resource Tree and select “Camera Rules”.

  1. The Event Rules list will display.

In the Event Rules, click the “Add” button to create a new Event Rule.

  1. When creating or editing an Event Rule, the Event and Action settings will display at the bottom of the Event Rules window.

For the Event settings, configure the following:

  • When – set this to “Soft Trigger”. This will allow users to click an action button while viewing to trigger the external illuminator.
  • At – select the device/camera that the Soft Trigger activation button will appear with. It is recommended to select the device for which the illuminator is providing supplemental light.
  • Available to – select “All Users” to allow any user that can view the target camera (At setting) to activate the illuminator’s Soft Trigger
  • Name – select a name for the Event Rule to help locate and identify the configuration among the other Event Rules in the list
  • Icon – select an icon for the Soft Trigger. The symbol that you select will appear in the display of the target camera (At setting) when viewing live video
  • Schedule – [optional] you may set a limited activity schedule for which this Event Rule will be applied. For example, you can schedule the rule to be activated on weekdays during business hours. By default, the Event Rule will be scheduled to always be active.

  1. In the Action settings, configure the following:
  • Do – select “Do HTTP request”. The NightWatch Illuminator uses the HTTP Request-as-an-Action feature to receive setting and device activation requests.
  • Interval of action – disable (uncheck) this setting to make the Event Rule action instantaneous, meaning that pressing the Soft Trigger button will immediately command DW Spectrum to use the HTTP Request-as-an-Action for the rule.
  • HTTP URL – enter the desired URL for the action that you would like the illuminator to perform. There are different HTTP URLs that must be used to have the illuminator perform specific actions. A separate Event Rule must be created for each individual HTTP URL action, for each Illuminator, to utilize a variety of action options. For example, turning the illuminator on, strobe light mode, etc. (See “NightWatch Illuminator HTTP URL Syntax below).
  • HTTP content – you may leave this blank
  • Content type – leave this as “Auto”
  • Login – enter the username that is used when logging in to the illuminator’s web interface
  • Password – enter the password that is used when logging in to the illuminator’s web interface
  • Authentication type – leave this as “Auto”
  • Request Type – leave this as “Auto”

  1. After configuring the Event and Action settings for the Event Rule, click the “Apply” button to save the settings.

Click the “OK” button to close the Event Rules window.

  1. After applying the Event Rule, the symbol that was selected in the Icon setting will overlay the display when selecting the target camera. Click this icon to activate the Action as defined when setting up the Event Rule.

NightWatch Illuminator HTTP URL Syntax

When using one of the syntaxes below, replace the following:

  • <ip_address> – replace this placeholder text with the actual IP address of the NightWatch Illuminator
  • timeout=x – replace “x” with a value between 0~3600 seconds to define how long the action will be active before deactivating
  • power=y – replace “y” with a value between 0~100  to define the light intensity when the action is active

For example – to have the illuminator turn on for 30 seconds, with an intensity of 50% power, the URL may appear as:


When defining the HTTP URL setting of the Event Rule, the following syntaxes may be applied:

  • Turn on a visible LED strobe for (x) seconds (there is no power option)
    • Syntax:


  • Turn ON/OFF IR mode (there is no timeout or power option)
    • Syntax (to turn ON):


    • Syntax (to turn OFF):


  • Turn ON/OFF LED visible light mode (there is no timeout option)
    • Syntax (to turn ON)


    • Syntax (to turn OFF)


  • Turn ON/OFF LED (includes timeout & power)
    • Syntax (to turn ON)


**NOTE:  If you are using a NightWatch Illuminator with a 3rd party VMS (not DW Spectrum) you must include the login credentials of the illuminator with the HTTP-Request-as-an-Action. Use the prefix of “http://username:[email protected]” when entering the HTTP URL. For example, “http://username:[email protected]<ip_address>/nightwatch...”