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DW Spectrum and HALO Smart Sensor Integration Guide


DW Spectrum and HALO Smart Sensor Integration Guide 


The HALO Smart Sensor can be integrated into DW Spectrum IPVMS Video Management Software using the MJPEG output from the HALO device and the Generic URL support of DW Spectrum. This allows operators to visualize and record the realtime data from the HALO Smart Sensor, as though it were a typical IP Camera.

Note : This integration was tested using version DW Spectrum IPVMS 4.0.0 with a HALO Smart Sensor running v 1.58 firmware. The v1.58 firmware is required for the Generic Event support.


To capture the Stream URL needed to connect DW Spectrum to HALO, simply navigate to the HALO Smart Sensor with a Web Browser, and click on the Configure button.

Highlight the Stream URL that is displayed in the Configuration Pop Up window with the mouse and cursor, then right click and select Copy.

HALO SMART SENSOR – Authentication

In order to connect HALO Smart Sensor to DW Spectrum, the device must be set to Basic HTTP Authentication.

Open HALO Smart Sensor in a web browser and click on the Device tab.

Click the Save button to save changes and re-boot the HALO Smart Sensor.


Click on the Device tab of the HALO Smart Sensor interface.

Scroll down to HTTP / API and click on the Authentication dropdown menu, and select Basic Only.

Click on the Device tab of the HALO Smart Sensor interface.

Enter a UNIQUE name in the Device Name field. Click the Save button to save settings.


Click on the Actions tab of the HALO Smart Sensor interface.

Check the Messaging Set checkboxes for each of the Event Identifiers.

Click the Save button to save settings.

DW SPECTRUM  – Add Device

Login to the DW Spectrum client with Administrator rights to add the HALO Smart Sensor as a device.

Right click on the Server in the left navigation tree and select Add Device from the menu.

Paste the Stream URL that was previously copied from the HALO Smart Sensor interface in the Address field

Enter the HALO device user name in the Login field.

Enter the HALO device password in the Password field, then click the Search button.

Once the HALO Smart Sensor appears in the discovered device list, check the checkbox that appears to the right of the listed device and click the Add all Devices button.

DW SPECTRUM  – Camera Settings

Right Click on the newly added device in the navigation tree and select Camera Settings from the menu.

Click on the Edit icon to change the name as it will be displayed in DW Spectrum  to a name that best identifies the device and its location.

Click the OK button to save the name.

Drag the device into the Viewing panel of the DW Spectrum Client to visualize the live, real-time output from the HALO Smart Sensor.

HALO SMART SENSOR – External Messaging

HALO Smart Sensor can send Generic Event messages to DW Spectrum via the External Messaging feature. These events can be used to trigger notifications in the DW Spectrum Client and Event Rules.

Connect to the HALO Smart Sensor via a web browser and navigate to the Notifications tab.

Scroll down to the External Messaging section to enable the External Messaging.

Select HTTP for the Protocol

Enter  in the Set String field. This URL contains the IP Address of the DW Spectrum server and the default port for Generic Events.

Click the On radio button to enable the Set String

Enter the User Name and Password to connect to the DW Spectrum Server

Click the Save button

DW SPECTRUM – Client Notifications

When a HALO Smart Sensor is triggered, the events will be sent to the DW Spectrum Generic Event collector and displayed in the Notifications section of the DW Spectrum client.

The Notification will display the Unique Name of the HALO Smart Sensor that was triggered, the Type of Event that was triggered and the time that the event occurred

The HALO Video Stream will display the event in the live dashboard as indicated by the red bar showing that the defined threshold for that sensor has been exceeded.


Rules can be defined and associated to the Generic Events that are sent by the HALO Smart Sensor in DW Spectrum, so that specific actions occur on HALO Events. For example, when a HALO Smart Sensor detects Vape, a text to speech message is played at the DW Spectrum client stating that “Vape has been detected in Bathroom 11”.

To set this up, right click on the server in the Left Navigation tree and select System Administration.

On the System Administration window, click on Event Log.

On the Event Log window, click on the Event Rules button

On the Event Rules window, click on the Add button

Click the When dropdown menu and select Generic Event and Occurs

Enter the unique name of the HALO Smart Sensor in the Caption Contains field

Enter the Halo Sensor Name for the rule, for example Vape, or Vape_THC

Click the Do dropdown menu and select the Action of your choice, for example Speak

Enter the phrase you want to hear when a HALO event occurs in the Speak the Following field.

Click Apply and OK to save the rule definition.

Note : A unique rule will need to be created for each unique event defined in each separate HALO Smart Sensor.

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