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SightLogix Alarm notification

Sightlogix alarm notification

Affected Roles: Administrator
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: Spectrum 
Complexity: Low

Software Version: 4.0

Firmware Version:

Created By: JK

Date Created: 11/26/2019

Article Heading SightLogix Alarm Event Notification

Supported / Affected Devices: Spectrum 4.0

Resolution: Creating custom event notification

The below example will create event notification of alarm when using SightLogix cameras. 

  1. Use the ONVIF camera credentials when connecting to Spectrum

  1. Place check mark under “Keep camera stream and profile settings”

  1. Configure alarm to use Human detection, motion, trip wire etc.

  1. Add custom string to motion on http://admin:[email protected]:7001/api/createEvent?source=Sightlogix&caption=Alarm+detected

When events are detected, you will receive an Alarm detected under the notification window.

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  • 25-Nov-2019