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Camera Loss with Merged Servers

Camera loss after merging servers

Affected Roles: All Roles
Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps: DW Spectrum Desktop, IP Finder
Complexity: Medium

Software Version: Cross-platform - Win7, Win8, Win10, Ubuntu/Linux

Firmware Version: Spectrum 2.5 & Up

Date Created: 9.27.19


My Merged Servers Can No Longer Connect With Cameras

Merging can be considered as a convenient solution for having multiple servers for a location, but wanting to connect with the Spectrum IPVMS Client only once. But what do you do if you merge your servers together and connectivity with multiple cameras is suddenly lost? 

To learn more about merging servers, visit our KB post here:

Common causes: 

  • Network interruption
  • Both servers have the same network scheme assigned to their camera NICs

Supported / Affected Devices

  • BlackJack Servers
  • Custom Servers


If the IP Addresses of the cameras on the affected merged servers all share the same sub-network scheme, the issue is likely being caused by an IP conflict between the network cards of the servers. This can be remedied by changing the static IP Address of one of the server's camera NICs to a different subnet.

1) Access the system of one of the servers (at the server itself) 

2) Change the IP Address on one of the server's camera NIC 

To learn more about this, visit here:

3) Use IP Finder to perform a Bulk IP Assignment to assign the cameras IP Address that will match the new subnet scheme.

To learn more about this, visit here:

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  • 25-Oct-2022