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DW Spectrum - Technical Note - .msi Silent Install

DW Spectrum - Technical Note – .msi Silent Installation


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Last Edit:  December 5, 2022


Common Questions Regarding .msi Spectrum Install File & Silent Installation

Q: What is a “silent install”?

A: A silent install is used to install a software application without the need of interacting with a user interface (UI). This method is most requested by IT departments to quickly install multiple instances of the same Client or Server program on multiple machines.

Q: Does DW Spectrum IPVMS support .msi installation files?

A: The DW Spectrum development team has stated that there are no current plans for creating .msi installation files.

Q: What alternative methods are there in lieu of .msi installation files?

While the following methods may be workarounds that the developers say can possibly work, they are not methods that are actively supported by our support team and should be treated as “try at your own risk”.

  • Bat-script – a batch script (.bat, .cmd, .btm) is a self-created file that will run certain system commands once executed. This file type can be generated by system administrators and is commonly used in complex network environments. If this method is used, the Client and Server installation files should be sent remotely from a PC, then must be uncompressed/unzipped and launched to execute the file(s).
  • Command Prompt – use of the Windows Command Prompt application can be used to run a command.

In the command below, “%FILE%” is a placeholder that represents of the absolute path to the executable (.exe) installation file. This command will install software and send the installation standard output to the “%LOG_FILE%” path. The last portion may be omitted if logging is unnecessary for your setup.

start /wait%FILE% /silent /norestart -l %LOG_FILE%.log

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