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Bold Manitou Software Integration with DW Spectrum IPVMS - Highlights

Bold Manitou Software Integration with DW Spectrum IPVMS


Affected Roles:  Owner, Administrator

Related Digital Watchdog VMS Apps:  DW Spectrum IPVMS

Software Version:  DW Spectrum IPVMS v5.0, Bold Manitou v2.1.35

Last Edit:  October 21, 2022


Bold’s Manitou and DW Spectrum IPVMS Integration Highlights

Users can connect with the Bold Group’s Manitou alarm monitoring software through the DW Spectrum Web Portal to access video data from DW Spectrum Servers for live monitoring and video verification.

Legacy integrations rely on port forwarding, DDNS, and open inbound ports in the network firewall to facilitate remote client connections. In those kinds of setups, changes to the end-user’s network would result in connection loss.

However, DW Spectrum IPVMS setups can establish remote connections with the DW Cloud connection service. Through DW Cloud, remote sessions with the system are established using trusted end-to-end connections and data encryption without the need for port forwarding, DDNS, VPN access, or open inbound ports in the firewall.

**NOTE:  The Bold Manitou software is a partner company's product. For issues or support regarding Bold Manitou products, please contact Bold Technical Support.

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Integration Benefits

  • Direct DW Cloud connection between DW Spectrum IPVMS and Manitou platforms
  • Support of DW Spectrum systems for functionality
  • Transmission of live and recorded video from DW Spectrum to Manitou platforms
  • Transmission of alert events from DW Spectrum to Manitou platforms
  • Transmission of recorder health alerts from DW Spectrum to Manitou platforms
  • Transmission of relay output controls from Manitou Platforms to DW Spectrum

Integration Highlights

Native Video Interface

Manitou users can view video from their DW Spectrum servers in the Video Control Center module to integrate alarm handling and video into one system through Manitou.

Simplified Connectivity

Manitou establishes a DW Cloud connection to recorders for improved connection reliability and to eliminate the need for manually configuring network settings.

Video Verification of Alarms and Virtual Guard Tours

Integrating DW Spectrum with a Manitou platform enables the delivery of video verification and virtual guard tour services from all Bold Manitou compatible central stations.

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  • 14-Nov-2022